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Your Life Pays You

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Arthur Mitchell, the first black ballet dancer to achieve international stardom.

Full Moon | September 24, 2018 | 2 Aries 00’ Your life pays you; not your job. If you live a life you love, it pays you, whether your job pays you or not. Go where your drive is. Do not neglect that which makes you feel alive. Practice the art of who you are by moving toward what you want. Go all ninja, kung fu and warrior-like on anything that questions your right to life in full. Mars is in quirky Aquarius and may be quite willing to answer your call of the natural wild when left to its own devices. By the natural wild I mean knowing what and who you like and trusting the pursuit of it. This takes a certain amount of courage.

There is a golden law carved by nature. What you like is right. But the whole story of Eve and the apple and tempting Adam has made us often distrustful of our desires, especially if they are sexual in nature. The same force that is labeled for sex is also labeled for financial matters. Can your drive be full forward, or do you have you worries about wanting more than you should.

The job is the cart. It can’t go far without the horse. Fire drives the cart. Fire is desire, urge, instinct. Fire is yearning turned into inclination, turned into insistence. Moon in Aries is either a natural fire or a fire that threatens to go out.

Do not let the fire for the dance of life go out. No fire, no gamble, no quest, no life. No eager tomorrow. The cart is dragged like a ball and chain.

This is not a call to quit your job or your relationship if they do not satisfy you. This is a call to come alive to that which gives you life. If you still must figure out what you love, don’t ask how you can make money doing it. Not at first. Ask to have a way to do what you love. Let money come in the cart, like it’s supposed to. Leave it out of your considerations for a time. Money or not, do what you love.

Moon in Aries might indicate a need to be re-lit. Come on baby, light your fire. Get inspired. You want to live in satisfaction and harmony, Libra, but first you need to be true to yourself. If you can’t be true to yourself, you may have that sinking feeling, that leaden feeling that rivets you in place. It is depression/oppression. It is feeling bad because you don’t have your own say. You are not following the dictates of that which lights you up.

The good news about any weightiness you might feel is that it lets you know you have a dream, a desire that you are deferring. This split energy informs you that your desire does not come with a bright self-forecast for attaining it. If you feel forward-thinking, no one can mess with you and knock you off course, but if you feel stuck, you may have given your power away. Convinced or worried that you do not have what it takes to have what you want, you do nothing to keep it alive.


Consider whether your life (Aries) reflects love (Libra) in the form of peace equilibrium and balance. Libra, being air, is of the breath of life. How’s your breathing? How is your well-being? Is life just and fair, or are you daily living at war with the world? If you catch yourself living at war with the world, slow your roll. If your warring is mental, dare to bless the instigators. Mentally take your seat in a place of peace.

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