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Your life is Your Beacon

Sly and the Family Stone

Full Moon | July 23, 2021 | 1 Aquarius 26’

“Here comes the Sun, little darling. It feels like years since you’ve been here. I say, it’s alright. It’s been a long, cold, and lonely winter . . .” Nina Simone sings. The Sun has entered Leo, the sign it rules. We humans have been experiencing the worst of each other and circumstances. And just as we hoped the pandemic was behind us, the rate of new sickness and death is on the uptick. Just as we thought we had civility as a right, we have fresh voter suppression 40 years post the sixties.

I think about Abraham-Hicks and Eckhart Tolle and the like exhorting us to be happy now. Don’t wait. You can die waiting. Like the watched pot that never boils, the awaited happiness just does not come or comes and goes with no change lasting. You must be happy to get happy. Happiness does not come to one whose face is sour and whose nerves are shattered. You need to embrace your own joy, enervate your own body with it, to light the way to more. Your life is your beacon. Your light lights the way before you and gives others your light to follow.

When you can say, "I can see," your beacon is on. You are letting the Seer within see. God sees. The Omniscient sees. The Universe sees. The Moon in Aquarius is between Pluto, the planet of rising above the many threats of annihilation, and Saturn, the planet that acts like the dweller on the threshold. Most of us experience Saturn as the inhibitor and denier, cold to our dreams and desires, and so might experience some sadness and depression. You might describe yourself as emotionally blocked. You might see yourself that there is nothing stopping you, but there is some mental-emotional barrier that you can’t seem to walk through. The nature of the perceived block might be money. But the truth is that you may not be awake to your wealth that can turn to coin or supersede coin. I call it making when your means can’t buy, even if you have money cause, to quote the Beatles, “Money can’t buy me love.” Money can’t buy me happiness.

“The currency of a happy life is not money, but it is pure love.” – Debasish Mriaha

Debasish Mriaha also says, “Happiness is a perception of what you have, not what you should have.”

This chart also features a grand cross in mutable signs, including Venus in Virgo opposed Jupiter in Pisces. This can create an awareness of pleasantness, healthy love, or relief from suffering, and expanded emotions, including an understanding the meaning of emotional health for a healthy body and a healthy outlook. “Sing hallelujah, come on get happy,” sings Judy Garland.


Sing a simple song as per Sly and the Family Stone. Unwrap or unmask your happiness, by drumming it up. Norman Cousins watched comedy to help cure his cancer. Do that to dint or cure your blues or your illness. Youtube will get you some funny. Dance an upbeat dance. Even little babies rock it to Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk (or any music with a great beat).

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