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Your Inner Space

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Art by Vasiliy Mushyk

New Moon | January 24, 2020 | 4 Aquarius 22’

What if climate were a metaphor for breathing together on this planet? What about your mental atmosphere? We might breathe together, however, we are individual breathers. Individually, we create a collective climate. What if the earth’s climate is a mirror for your atmosphere, environment, feeling or mood?

Uranus in Taurus asks us to take responsibility for contributing value and substance to the world individually and collectively. Awaken your values. Your life is the candle of hope burning upon the altar.

It’s really informing to see life more metaphorically. See life as suspended in a solution, a way, and always cradled in universal order. When we see life this way, we have better access to our piece, and can determine how it is that we can carry the light forward like nobody else can.

The Sun and Moon are New in Aquarius. In The Aquarian Conspiracy, Marilyn Ferguson reminds us that to conspire means to breathe together. The connotations of conspiracy also apply. There is a hint of secrecy, and our working together might not be as obvious as a march. We might not even know each other. These feet were made for marching. That’s just what they do. Every step I take in my life is a march, a vote, a contribution.

You might think, “Nooo, what I do alone will never be enough.” However, consider that the overwhelming complexities of our global problems point to the necessity for small vital acts. If you tend to that, you will be busy enough and you will be doing something that you can do, rather than trying to take on too much. What you do will count. You have to trust that, even when you don't see it.

What directs your feet? (Neptune in Pisces). Your inner life creates your outer life. Let's meet at the river beyond right doing and wrong doing. We don’t have to leave our living rooms, our homeless perches, or our temples in order to become better, purer contributors. The opportunity is now, and it is all day every day.

We have to take care of our own mind and the tempo of our own breath as we live and move and have our being. From my observation post, those of us who are in various “struggles” are just so weary, angry, frustrated and flailing. When we are trying to be heard, we might shout, and we even curse. And the problems go round and round. It doesn’t even occur to us that we are seeking a middle ground.

First, we think clean and green. (Green for Venus, love, nature.) Then we compost and recycle. Don’t worry about your neighbors breath. You can only, you need only, breathe your own.

In The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle asks, “Are you polluting the world or cleaning up the mess? You are responsible for your inner space; nobody else is, just as you are responsible for the planet. As within, so without: If humans clear inner pollution, then they will also cease to create outer pollution.”


How about a little climate change?

What if you can help the climate right from where you are without compelling any one or any thing to be different? How’s the atmosphere around you? How are you feeling? What kind of mood are you in? Are you heavy? Are you leaden? Are you cranky? Are you friendly? Are you hostile? Aquarius is air. You breathe in and you breathe out. Are your breaths fresh? Are you breathing in spirit? Are you sending hope and lightness out? Is it good to be around you?

If indicated, lighten your mood. Take a walk. Write a poem or a song. Listen to good music. Dance. Read something inspirational.

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