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Will it Ever End?

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Dancing with the Bones by Deborah Singletary. Mentally dancing with the bones means that you embrace whatever might come.

New Moon | August 27, 2022 | 4 Virgo 4’

Talk to the hand. I’m not trying to hear that. Everywhere are the voices, taunting, haunting, saying it’s bad, you can’t, and you ought to be afraid.

Bothers me to hear discouraging words. I hear them, though. I read. I have conversations with people. They ask me about this and that. They worry about me because they care about me, but I find it distracting, even debilitating.

I am practicing a “way.” The “way” is ultimately a solitary path through the wilderness of accepted ideas. The way is represented by The Hermit in Tarot, a solitary figure on a hilltop, shining a beacon for toilers below. Virgo is assigned to the Hermit.

This New Moon in Virgo squaring Mars in Gemini suggests that sometimes socially agreed upon ideas, are wrong.

Recently I dreamed that I was sitting in a small group of people and the subject of money came up. I listened briefly, then told the group that we had it all wrong about how money worked.

“We think we need money to pay bills and give us a lifestyle, but really we need to enjoy the life that money can’t buy, by seeking joy, no matter what is in the bank,” I was so passionate in the dream that I woke up.

Today is a day you should have some fun with whatever you’ve got. Task yourself to have some fun that doesn’t require money; or requires very little. This expresses the fixed cross with Uranus in Taurus, the sign of money, conjunct the North Node and square Venus and Ceres in Leo, sign of enjoying yourself and square Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn opposite Venus might say you have to have money to have life. But I think the truth is that you have to have life to attract money. Uranus in Taurus invites awakenings about money.

In honor of Mars in Gemini, one way to have life, is to not listen to or speak the language of how bad things are. There's covid, Trump, January 6th, war in the Ukraine, drought, flood and monkey-pox, to name a few.

When will it ever end? It won’t.

It won't end unless you leave "it" alone and filter it out with the aid of the New Moon in Virgo. Mercury, ruler of Virgo in the sign Libra, will help us have equilibrium.

Didn’t we beg for mercy in the beginning of the pandemic when we had George Floyd and Trump and more, going on too? Didn’t we just want it to be over? Did we get relief, or did we get a string of other problems? I have it on good authority that we get what we think about, and when we think problems and pain and punishment, we get more of the same.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes tells a story about a fisherman who gets a woman’s skeleton tangled in his net and as he tries to get away, he drags her with him as she, caught in the boat’s wake, appears to rise out of the water and follow him. Clarissa explains that she represents that which he is trying to escape but can’t.

This is what is happening to us as we try to escape bad things while we dwell on them.

Mercury in Libra opposite Jupiter in Aries tries to get us to have a more peaceful optimistic approach.


Make a deactivation box. Pick a pretty box or make it pretty. Write your worries on a slip of paper, one slip per worry, and put it in the deactivation box with the idea of turning it off or letting the universe handle it. You can make an accompanying activation box for wishes you would like to have granted. One slip per wish.

Using the boxes calms you and allows you to be expectant of good things.

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