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What Do You Intend?

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

A fun Story by Deborah Singletary (1994)

Full Moon | April 19, 2019 | 29 Libra 07’ What is the myth of the story of global warming? Calling it a myth does not mean that it is not true, but it is not the same story for all. It is not even the same story for all believers or all non-believers. It is a real story of the times, but what has this story come to tell us? What has it come to tell you, and how do you weave this story into your life? Since Sun corresponds to heart, Is the heart too hot? Is love too much? Is continued life not to be expected? Shall good not prevail? Are happiness and well-being not to be expected?

The Sun and Moon both square Saturn and Pluto in the earth sign Capricorn. Saturn in Capricorn could be interpreted as limited or obstructed earth. Pluto in Capricorn could be interpreted as destroyed earth. We are attuned to the dire, but to what end? Do problems get better as we focus on them, or do we put up our hands in frustration and say that things keep getting worse? Could it be that what we focus on and pay attention to grows? In Tarot, Capricorn is assigned to Key 15, The Devil, a non-sensical, obviously unreal conglomeration of a goat with bat’s wings, human torso and eagle’s feet. We are supposed to look at the image and laugh, knowing that there is no such figure as this. Fear of The Devil or the dark side or destructive forces is foolish. The man and woman are chained to the half-cube (representing half-truth), but they could lift the chains over their heads and free themselves. Perhaps they fear that if they would try to free themselves, The Devil would turn its threatening posture into violent action. They can stay quiet and live, or risk freedom and be injured or killed.

This is how many of us live, telling the story of being circumscribed to small and unhappy lives by some big and evil threat that will wantonly destroy us if we should dare to be non-cooperative. Or we mount a campaign to rid the world of this evil, and expend our energy fighting a battle we fear we shall lose.

We can end the repetition (Moon) of any story that tells us we cannot thrive.

What we intend is what we mean, plan, anticipate and expect. The designer Diane von Furstenberg’s tai chi teacher told her to focus on intention. He said,

If you focus on force (Pluto), you will fail or break. If you focus on energy, you will stagnate. If you focus on your intention, you will achieve your goal and your power (Pluto).

What do you intend? What do you want? Do you expect the destruction (Pluto) of the world or the country or your desires and plans? If it isn’t what you want, you had better not focus on it. Do you think it is not enough to focus on a well world? If you intended a well world, what might you focus on that would make it so? Might you recycle or go as green as you can? Might you also avoid proclaiming the earth's annihilation? Might you also smile and be patient, helpful and encouraging? Ask yourself what you intend about something. Don’t look at what you don’t want. Don’t look at broke or sick or tired.


Practice focusing exclusively on your intent. You can intend even if you don’t know how. Start with something small so that you can see this theory in action. Intend to write the thank you note or finish the paper or clean out that one drawer. See it done and see yourself feeling good about it. Only think pleasant thoughts about your intention. Watch what happens. Make this practice a new lifestyle.

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