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War! What is it Good For?

New Moon | |November 13, 2023 | 20 Scorpio 44’

I tend to want to blame it on the leaders, like the leaders of Hamas who decided to incite war with Israel to win their battle and get their justice by involving innocent people. I want to blame Israeli leaders for bombing a hospital in Gaza.

I want to blame Trump on Trump and the party leaders who encourage him for their own ends. I want to blame Biden for standing by Israel while Israel commits atrocities against Palestine.

I want to blame the ruthless and the greedy and the crazy for their various crimes against humanity.

I had a dream recently where people were in a group with their hands banded in yellow paper that was as wide as our hands with grey blobs on them. We were frustrated and wondering what we could do to reverse that which was exploitive, destructive, and cruel. What can we do?

We could easily break the paper bands at will. But we were all bound, and we were all feeling frustrated and helpless.

As the days pass, I keep reminding myself that what I do is all that matters and that my doing has nothing to do with making someone else do. It does not require the joining of forces. Like minds work together, move, and influence each other, even if they are totally unaware of each other.

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. This may seem simplistic, but if I am not at peace, how can I join with peaceful others? How can I find or attract them, then blend with them so that we can bring our mission to fruition?

If I can’t wish well for the person who has stepped on my toes or hurt my feelings, how shall I expect it of others?

Do I want an end to war? Let me cease being at war with my relative or my neighbor. Let me cease being at war with the oligarchy. I cannot stop them if I cannot stop myself from speaking and acting in ways that hurt. Remember that wounding behavior is unconscious. We usually do not see when we are being destructive. That is partly the nature of fixed water being also ruled by Pluto that breathes fire or transcends destructive impulses.

We are all tested at this New Moon which is conjunct Mars in the sign of Scorpio which Mars rules. Scorpio is fixed water, immovable feelings, patterns, and expectations.

We are not likely to be dealing with new feelings, but with those we have felt our whole lives—feelings which are also blocks and hindrances we have long felt, and we keep expecting. In addition to that, we are not likely to be able to contain or repress our “true” feelings because of the opposition of Uranus (the awakener) which might blow. If we do blow, let us at least acknowledge that what cannot be contained is within us. The other serves to make us aware.

The New Moon harmonizes with Pluto and flows with Neptune. I hope that we set up for transformation of the way we think. Transcend the old hard ways. Tear down walls of separation. Build connection. Bridge gaps. Cross over. Get over it. Get over yourself.

The New Moon semisquares Venus, which means we can be irritable with groups of people.

The New Moon trines Neptune—water to water—and calls for compassion. Scorpio sextiles Capricorn and opposes Uranus in Taurus. Scorpio and Taurus are opposites of the same thing signaling desire to have what you do not have, desire for wholeness or completion, and desire to have treasure or pleasure and to have it be always. Uranus is opposite the Sun (will), Moon(compassion) and Mars (aggression, assertion, anger, or destruction). These aspects could signify discharging our anxiety and feelings of powerlessness by changing others, or catalyzing anxiety to sweep our own backyard.


Wake up to how you may project the unrecognized shadow of yourself. If you “blow” and find yourself in a fight you did not expect to be in, consider it the stirring of your personal hidden darkness. Don’t condemn yourself. Forgive yourself; but take responsibility.

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