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Treasures Within

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Lost and Found by Deborah Singletary

Full Moon | February 16, 2022 | 27 Leo 59’

Let me direct your gaze northward, in the direction of the North Node in Taurus. The North Node is telling you that your treasure and resources lie within. Go home to who you truly are. Go within. Do not rely on the outer world with its bribes and temptations. Do not succumb to the easy way of relying on others to tell you that you are good enough. Know thyself. Know for thyself.

Know your intrinsic value and stand on it like a rock. Let the Moon in Leo tell you that you are as good as gold, whether or not that is stated or confirmed by another. The Sun in Aquarius square the North Node in Taurus suggests that if you are contradicting this assumption, you are not properly detached or objective right now. You might have some judgement going on that is misinforming you about who you truly are. Perhaps your rules and standards are rigid.

This could be about how you feel about yourself inside, as well as your internal value system as relates to others. Do you know and acknowledge the worth of your family as well as the human family in general, or do you think that some people are better or more important than others because of what they have? If you are standing next to a well-dressed person on a day when you just threw something on, do you shrink a little? Do not assign value based on externals.

Pluto is 27 degrees of Capricorn, making an inconjunct to the Moon in Leo. An inconjunct calls for adjustment, refining, or fine-tuning. Capricorn is a more external sign that may be conditioned by rigid conditions, where the Moon in Leo is going to be more internal and personally oriented. Pluto in Capricorn might be tending toward the power structure, while the Moon in Leo might be more spontaneous and oriented toward personal taste, rather than that which is socially approved.

Pluto in Capricorn counsels overcome the world—rise above conditioned responses. “There is a golden law carved by nature. What you like is right.” (Anonymous) While that might seem to be a risky idea to put forth, it might be important criteria right now as long as you are in the service of knowing yourself and not imposing yourself and your standards upon others (or vice versa).

Saturn, the ruler of Aquarius before Uranus was discovered, and Uranus, are square each other at this Full Moon, giving us some engagement between the old and the new, the standardized and the innovative. Shall we give it to the old guard? Shall we give into fear? Or shall we say, there is always another step possible? Let’s try something different.


How do you feel about it? What is important to you. Make an effort to know yourself or for yourself rather than follow conventional lines or expectations. Ask yourself questions. Is this how I feel, or am I just following the crowd? Do I have all that I can have, or am I accepting old limitations? Instead of asking, “What if I fail, ask, “What if I succeed.” Instead of making record of what you don’t have, make a list of what you have (material and spiritual).

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