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The Story in Three Parts

Full Moon | Lunar Eclipse | November 30, 2020 | 8 Gemini 38’

Every story in your life has three parts:

  1. What you know or think you know,

  2. What you do not know, and

  3. That which knows all.

This is self-conscious, subconscious and super-conscious, beautifully depicted in The Lovers, the Tarot Key associated with Gemini. Adam is self (whether you identify as male or female), Eve is subconscious, (whether you identify as male or female) and Raphael (God as Healer) is super-conscious.

The Moon is in Gemini mirroring the Sun in Sagittarius. The Moon is emotional, but Gemini is an air sign and so of the mind, of thinking. Words and thoughts are important to your emotional state. Certain ideas weaken you. If your ideas make your knees buckle, your heart race, or your hands sweat, in some regard, you are not thinking clearly and could undermine your potential for success and solution.

For example, in the area of politics and our so-called deeply divided country, we can say that we know (or are conscious of the fact that) we are divided. But perhaps we don’t know how we are part of the division, and how we contribute to the widening or the bridging of the divide. And we don’t know the superior consciousness that manages from the apex above and between the opposite, the known and the unknown. If division concerns you, you have to allow that division to be healed within yourself under the orchestration of the Superior mind working through the subconscious mind.

The South Node in Sagittarius asks us to put politics on hold, especially if we are entrenched on either side of the divide. Jupiter in Capricorn rules Sagittarius. Jupiter in Capricorn is coming to an understanding about form and conformity that will result in the beginning of new solutions when it enters Aquarius along with Saturn in December, on the solstice. The symbol of Aquarius is the symbol of solution. In Aquarius we can have revelations which dissolve what we thought we saw and replaces it with something we have not thought of before.

Old forms and structures dissolve. Control by corporations, systems and old boy networks succumb to the subtle force of awakened people. To participate in the benefits of 2021, you must awaken to the three-part story and consider it in all your reckonings.

To venture into the new world, we have to tether our consciousness to the super-conscious. This is establishing the link. Without this link, we easily go off the rails.

We do this by affirming to ourselves that we are always guided and that which guides you paves the way for you and takes care of the details that you have no way of handling yourself.

Your inner voice is indigenous to you, and not of your parents or any outer person. Your IGS, Internal Guidance System, is integral—necessary to make whole, complete; essential or fundamental. You came to this earth with this guidance as an intrinsic and inseparable part of your makeup.


Link before you think. Set yourself up by saying something like, “I feel myself as part of an incredible intelligence that’s gets me better than I get me. Of myself I do nothing. Without this connection my fixes are temporary and they bring me no relief. I lock my hook into that hook. I link. I link it and I leave it. I suspend my mind. I pause. I go quiet. Thinking arises when it is ready. It is clear. On a clear day you see like an architect or designer. You author. You originate.

Set yourself up by feeling joyous. Think from great expectations, not from worry, fear, or doubt. Feel good. This is how you enjoy the journey. It is easy to be present and to have exquisite timing when you are in joy.

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