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The Observer Affects the Phenomenon

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Seeing is Creating by Deborah Singletary

New Moon | 28 Cancer 57’ | July 20, 2020

I consider it my duty, to use a Capricorn word,* to really know as best I can what the planets are calling us to learn. I first started identifying Capricorn lessons, when I was faced with what looked like an insurmountable obstacle. I was looking for an apartment for the first time in 34 years and the game and the prices had changed a lot. We call it a stellium when three or more planets are lined up in a sign. Today, it is Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn. The asteroid Pallas Athene (Goddess of wisdom) is also in Capricorn.

In early May of 2018, a month before I found a place to live, it was Saturn, Moon, Pluto, and Mars in Capricorn. I discovered that there was a system in place that was inflexible, and that I was not considered qualified for what I thought I could afford. There was one standard and virtually every owner held to it. I was experiencing what looked and felt like a rigged system; same message everywhere, you must make three times the rent you pay, I barely made twice as much.

Systems and standards are both Capricorn words and they can add up to seeming blocks, limitations, and obstructions, also Capricorn words.

I knew that I could not dissolve in a heap on the outside of the wall. I knew that I had to trust that if I did not buy into the “reality,” I could overcome it, which is the meaning of Pluto in Capricorn—overcoming or transcending reality.

I said to myself regularly, “Everything is always working out for me,” which had been demonstrated to me at many witching hours. Then I told myself that the “reality” that appeared before me was not impenetrable to God with Her mysterious ways. There are no insurmountable obstacles unless you surrender to the appearance of them. If you are relying only on yourself, what you have and what you know, the obstructions will continue to appear immovable. You must use the Force.

I clicked a bit of awareness in place. I need to “vibrate” home, feel home. Then my friend saw an ad and I saw the place and I met the man who would insist that I be given the place. Confirmation. God has ways we know not of.

The next Capricorn lesson was that there is no other. There is no they separate from me. Every they that is my they is of my making, my conclusions. When I start talking “they,” I cannot rule out the “I” that is talking. This is true no matter how radically impossible that seems to be. In physics you have the theory that the observer of a phenomenon changes that phenomenon. My most egregious enemy is constructed by me as such. It does not matter that I cannot see this is so. If I am going to resolve this enemy, get this enemy off my back, I am going to have to uncreate and recreate them by knowing more truth about myself which will make me a better observer and influencer.

Hand in hand with “there is no other” is that no one who looks like my enemy can defeat me. This was a death knell to my inner conspiracy theorist. If they look like they can harm me, I am not seeing clearly. What others mean for evil, God means for my good. Only I can defeat myself. Only I can confound myself, even defraud myself.


You are invited to take one or more of the practices above to develop a new feeling, a new vibration, and new expectations for that which appears antithetical to you in the shape of Capricorn.

  1. Do not buy into the “reality” of appearances.

  2. Say something to break the trance of appearances, like, “Things are always working out for me. The Universe is friendly to my plans, a way is made when there appears to be no way.

  3. There is no “other”. What others may intend as evil; God intends for my good.


* Capricorn words are those that reflect reality, structures, and material security. Capricornian ideals include focus, concentration, hard work, limitations, and results.

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