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The Imagined Ruler

My Own Point of View by Deborah Singletary

New Moon | November 14, 2020, EST | November 15, 2020, PST | 23 Scorpio 18’

When I read and hear assumptions about women or minorities as having barriers and impediments which must be accepted, then fought, that point of view sounds absurd and as waste of time to engage. I am tired of a world riddled with tyrannical, grim-mouthed bigots and pull the curtain to expose the masquerading wizard who relies on gizmos and wheels and whackery to crank out illusions of power that invite fear and frustration.

The New Moon in Scorpio invites you to have a new relationship to systems of power that seem to be outside of your ability to be free. Free your mind and the rest will follow. Free your mind—not your sister’s mind, brother’s mind, or friend’s mind. Free your own mind and raise your level of influence as you enjoy mobility in your choices.

There is no system apart from the belief system of all those who participate in life’s drama. Those who are abused by any system have unconsciously agreed to be so abused. The agreement was not formal. You did not sign a declaration of belief. You were insidiously and pervasively taught since childhood, sometimes by people who did not know they were teaching you. This is who you are. This is who they are. You are the inferior one or you are the superior one.

These lessons are repeated by all kinds of people, near and far. You became the teacher too. You taught yourself to stay in line or behind the line, and you taught your children and your friends and you repeated the lessons to each other. You are disadvantaged some might say. The system is against you. The world does not recognize or support you. Doors are closed to you. You should be very mad about it. You should fight it. You should engage in struggle.

Others are told, you are better than those people. They do not like that you have stuff. They want to take it away. They want to unseat you. You had better fight to keep what you have.

Scorpio is the sign of emotional agreements that the quality of your life depends upon. There are accepted norms and expectations, but no one can see how you really feel and our conditioning is to hide our truths. Conditioning teaches that If you want to express your freedom, you had better do it in the dark. Further, it conditions you to not expose your true motivations and intentions. If you do not work in secret, chances are someone will undermine or block your ambitions. You run the risk of being branded, ridiculed, or rejected.

The transformation represented by Scorpio means that you change your own coerced agreements. It literally means rising above forms and norms that are barriers and impediments.

Pluto in Capricorn is transformation too, with Capricorn representing old bones walking around like specters without flesh or organs, but as threatening as ghosts and monsters.

I wondered how I could communicate how to depose a system in which women are undervalued and minorities are pinned to a life of less. Perhaps it is because Mars, planet of action, has been retrograde in Aries, where what to do is not straightforward. I realize that it is less about what you do and more about who you be and how you think. You do not need a whole movement to effect these changes. All you need is to observe the motion of your thoughts and the actions which follow them. For God’s sake, do not wait on the world to change. You do not have to do a lot either. Just quiet your mind so that you can hear yourself think. If you hear yourself thinking that someone else is to blame for your less than satisfying life, tell yourself that your thinking unfurls a lie that you do not agree with and therefore won’t be circumscribed by. Take your freedom for granted. All the power that ever was or will be is waiting for your instruction and your belief. Tell yourself the truth. I am sovereign in the creation and expression of my own life and I intend to make an exuberant, colorful, ebullient, and inspirational garden.


Trust yourself. Above all, to thine own self be true. Own how you really feel about a thing. Try to perceive your connections with things, especially the world you dream into place for yourself and the planet. Affirm what you want. Think and speak empowering thoughts.

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