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The Authentic You

Grace Jones (Photo: Kristian Sibast)
Full Moon | March 28, 2021 | 8 Libra 18’

“What does it mean to be authentic?” the student asks the teacher.

“Be who you are,” the teacher responds.

“How do I know when I am being authentic?” asks the student.

“You will feel fabulous,” says the teacher.

“I am.” No explanations necessary. Authenticity is Aries. I don’t explain myself to others. I don’t explain myself to myself. I do not split from my core. I stick with myself. Therefore, I am spontaneous and not second-guessing myself.

Sun, Chiron, and Venus are all at eight degrees of Aries. This degree deals specifically with the inner emotional security of the individual as might be played out or learned from personal history, home, and family. This is the area of Cancer or the fourth house. Our emotional relationships with others reflect how we feel within and about ourselves. Be at home in yourself. If Chiron represents a wound, the wound is regarding identity and your need for others to agree with your identity. The healing is in knowing yourself, knowing who you are and being who you are without hesitation and without needing agreement. Aries suggests striking while the iron is hot. When you are spontaneous, there is no lag time.

If you find yourself lagging and dragging, this is something to address in yourself, rather than something caused by others. You may see others as the problem, but they are just the reflection or the mirror of your separation from yourself. Moon is in Libra, ruled by Venus, and Venus is in Aries conjunct Chiron and the Sun. This Moon is known for see-sawing, being indecisive, going back and forth. In its strength, the movement is for equilibrium, like the subtle right-left movements you make when riding a bike. You use both sides of the body, but you are going straight.

“Who wants to go first”, asked the facilitator in my playwriting group. I wanted to go first. Was my work good enough? I hesitated. Someone else went first. I did not get a turn at all. That meant I got no feedback. I saw it, though. I saw that I was in negative Cancer mode; insecure, doubtful. Holding back lest I get the scoff for my audacity to think I was presenting something worthy.

She who hesitates might lose her opportunity. Sun in Aries wants no hesitation in being authentic, maverick, and creative. I am just being myself, in the moment, free, clear, in charge.

Moon in Libra suggests that the reason we second-guess ourselves is that we are concerned about the opinions of others. In my playwriting group, others were supposed to give feedback for the work that is in progress. I am supposed to get a sense of how it plays, whether the intent is coming across. In this process, I was there for feedback, but afraid of it. I could modify my work on the basis of their notions, or leave it. The critique is theirs. The response is mine.

Saturn in Gemini, which happens to be the sign of writing and communicating, makes a grand trine in air signs, with Mars and North Node in Gemini and Moon in Libra. Saturn in sync with Mars can help you to be your own authority and venture forth even in the presence of potential reproach. We may think Saturn has a harsh influence in our lives, but it is not Saturn that is the problem. It is our tendency to deviate from the center that Saturn represents, and Saturn does not fool around with us. Saturn is your core, the base of your spine, that which holds while you dance. For that reason, Saturn is exceptionally reliable and helpful. When you sit in your authenticity, others will pivot around you. It cannot be otherwise. If others are giving you an unduly hard time, it is not because of the power they have, but because you are not exercising your own power.


Saturn is also trine the Moon in Libra. Saturn is said to be exalted in Libra. This is because Saturn is the fulcrum the scales balance upon. We need each other. We need to appreciate and be appreciated. Think of appreciation as a Venus thing, increasing the value of someone or something in your own eyes and heart.

Try spontaneous and authentic appreciation for others whether they are present, or whether you are surveying the value added to your life by what has been created by others. You can be appreciative of stop signs and red lights. You can appreciate having someone to talk to, or to enjoy silence with. Expect to notice that appreciation enhancing and enlivening your being.

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