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Soul Power

Dream a New Dream

Full Moon | June 14, 2022 | 23 Sagittarius 25’

“I recognize the manifestation of the undeviating justice in all the circumstances of my life.” So says the statement on the Pattern on the Trestleboard. I recite this at least twice a day, along with the other ten statements that are introduced with, “This is truth about the self.” At first, I struggled with undeviating justice. It does not seem as if this can be truth with so many apparent and egregious injustices, popping up regularly.

There is another statement, not from the pattern, which says, “I will treat every circumstance of my life as the direct dealing of God with my soul.” This is key to dealing with the matter of undeviating justice. This is between God and my soul, and my soul is bigger and more comprehensive than my personality. Soul might be represented by the Universal planet, Neptune. Neptune represents the waters, the universal feelings, and the universal medicine. Neptune at 25 Pisces squares the Sun and Moon at this Full Moon.

This is a Full Moon in Sagittarius, opposing the Sun in Gemini. We could call this the axis of debate. Mercury, ruler of Gemini is 0 degrees of Gemini, suggesting a reset in our arguments or assumptions. In Gemini-Sagittarius, we might think words are the masters, especially the words of the rules and guidelines, laws, religion, or philosophy. We struggle to be right.

We tend to be all about the constant deviating justice. We obsess over that which does not seem fair. We go after the perpetrators and try to bring them to justice. Our stance might be to bear our wounds until the perpetrators make amends. This means a lot of us won’t heal.

This Full Moon features Mars conjunct Chiron at 15 Aries. We identify with others who are in the same fight, and we might even organize so that we can better fight our common enemies.

Many of us live our whole lives at war. We can be mad about the same thing for decades and or we can be serially angry—but always angry; always upset about something.

What aspect of Mars does Chiron seek to heal? Is it our pain? Our rage? Our offenses? Do we play well with others? Do we express ourselves and allow others to express too?

They are not all wrong and we are not all wrong. If we can accept at least some of the responsibility, we can manage what is ours to manage. We can do better even if the adversary doesn’t. This guarantees to put us in better relationship with those who [seemingly] trespass against us.

This Sun in Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius is giving us a brief opportunity to reckon with Neptune in our lives. How are we with our souls? Debate cannot restore the sacred or make right reign. At most full moons we are either excited and open or unable to contain our energy, so it manifests as accidents and arguments. Are you going to experience great disenchantment or great peace? Debate cannot restore the sacred.


Write a letter. Write an angry letter. Write a letter of justification. Write a letter of forgiveness. Write it fast, so that you don’t stop to think. It can be as illogical as hell, and full of bad grammar and spelling. You might find that the letter you started became something else, something informative, enlightening, inspiring and healing.

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