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Show Your Feelings

Her Full Out Self (mixed media tableau) by Deborah Singletary

New Moon | July 9, 2021 | 18 Cancer 2’

Say it with intensity and enthusiasm. Show your feelings. Express your passion. Have a coming out, let it out, experience. Don’t be shy, especially about showing that you care. Teach the world to sing by singing. What is it that you want to say? Say it. Say it with love and tenderness. Say, “I love you.” Let it be known. Let it be felt. Reach out and touch. Melt some armor. Mend some fences. Penetrate. Get through. Saying what you mean, and meaning what you say vibrates within the listener. You will be heard. You will be known.

Do not have expectations that the object of your affection should make the first move. Use your power to be the risk taker—the gambler.

Creating your own reality has an element of gambling to it. Creating your own reality is taking a chance without being assured of an outcome. We might think that if we had some sign that he, she, or they loved me, then I could confess my love for them. If I knew I would not be disapproved of, I could share my unique point of view. If I knew they would not laugh, I could show my true self.

This is backward. If you want to be happy, be happy. If you want to express yourself, express yourself. If you want to color, paint, sculpt, whatever, do it. Risk. Take a chance. Gamble on yourself. Taking a chance can help someone else take a chance. Show your true self.

This Cancer New Moon has a Scorpio overall vibe. Scorpio is the 5th house of Cancer. Cancer can be called, active feelings. Active feelings want to express passionately and celebrate or worship compassionately. Scorpio on the 5th is a subtext for this New Moon with a need to reconcile the need for acceptance with the need to be true to yourself. We want to be loved and stay tuned to the beat of our own drummer.

This chart includes Venus and Mars in Leo in the first house along with the Sun and Moon in Cancer in the first and they oppose Saturn. This might mean that the impulse to unabashedly express yourself can feel hampered. Venus and Mars also square Uranus. The feeling can be, “What if I put myself out there and the feedback is that I am ‘out there’—that I am strange and do not belong?”

What if you put yourself out there and someone who has been holding back their own glorious gifts takes strength from what you do and thinks, “I can do it too?” Wouldn’t you like to be part of something like that, part of someone else breaking through their own barriers and limits?

What if Saturn is not really limitation, a force designed to stop you, but instead a force designed to help you understand? A force designed to lead you in a direction true to you. To understand is to comprehend and grasp. What if Saturn in the 7th house of the Cancer chart means that instead of fearing people and feeling that they hold you back, you demonstrate that others have nothing to fear from you?

Oh Master, let me not seek as much to be consoled, as to console to be understood as to understand, to be loved as to love. – Peace Prayer


Give the world your unconditional love. This means that you do not wait for conditions to be right. You make right conditions. Take a chance with some creative form of expression. Tell someone you love them, even if you cannot possess them or make something formal of your love. Dig deep and give something of your heart. Do you. Be unique and innovative and true to yourself.

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09 jul 2021

This is so so Go(o)d!! Thank You for the Peace prayer, I so needed this 🙏🏿💜


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