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Updated: May 15, 2022

Octavia Butler by Deborah Singletary (Mised media 5" x 7")

Full Moon | Lunar Eclipse | May 15, 2022 | 25 Scorpio 18’

“The key factor in the development of intuition is genuine self-esteem, including the ability to hold your ground when you are frightened.”—Carolyn Myss. She goes on to say: “If you lack the strength, the ability, the skill, the regard for yourself to trust your own voice, you cannot make that journey of listening to a voice that will ask you to do that which makes no sense to those around you.”

Taurus is self-worth. We might say that the worth of the private self is connected to the relationship with the capital “S” Self. We come into life accompanied by (and never separated from) the Inner Tuition of our Higher Self that many of us become deaf to, as we play the game of life.

Here's what the story of the Garden of Eden means to me: Adam is Knowing, Eve is Not-Knowing and God is Intuition. Sometimes when we stray from what we Know, we play ignorant, which is blaming Eve. It is alright to be ignorant or innocent in truth, but to pretend you don’t know better to hide from response-ability, is to err. The serpent is the “suggestion” that you could deviate from the Inner Teacher without negative impact on your life. Just this little lie. Just this little pretend situation so that I can get what I want. This lie could become such a habit that when life gets difficult, you think yourself abandoned and untethered. You might become ashamed of what you are not mounting to. Poor me.

I make a connection between the victim and the poor. Taurus rules what I have (and if I am poor, I have not.) The habit of blaming someone or something else does not help one’s self-esteem. As stated in the opening, low self-esteem impedes inner instruction. Depressed people talk terribly to themselves about themselves. The disconnect is internal, which can be why the depressed person is oblivious when someone tries to reassure them that they are loved. They kill themselves with biting commentary that keeps out the inner voice of The Comforter.

Speaking of inner tuition

One of my favorite teachers, Neville Goddard, chastises people who have their God up in the sky, and I admit that I am sometimes guilty of putting God up in the sky, In the sky, God is the other or separate from oneself.

My point is that we could stand to use Uranus in Taurus, to enlighten us about all things Taurus—money, self-esteem, intuition, and a voice that counts.

I am talking about the Sun in Taurus rather than the Moon in Scorpio because we are supposed to reach for the North Node (which is conjunct the sun). If you find yourself stuck in the past or in blame or unable to stand up for and feel good about yourself, you may be in South Node mode where you are dragged down by what you think others think.


Do you wonder how to like yourself? Follow Louise Hay’s advice for loving yourself. Don’t criticize yourself, ever. Don’t think you can get away with whipping yourself. I was able to minimize self-criticism in the face of error by saying to myself, I love you anyway. You didn’t say the right thing, but I love you anyway. You made that mistake. I love you anyway. You feel foolish. I love you anyway.

Don’t criticize others either. When I criticize others, I am cranky about myself.

One more thing. Clarissa Pinkola Estes says Fight or Flight are not the only options when something frightens you. Remember: “The key factor in the development of intuition is genuine self-esteem, including the ability to hold your ground when you are frightened.” She said there is also Feel and Find. Feel so that you can get the message feeling conveys. Find meaning so you can turn a light on your experience and become more conscious.

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