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Compassion (gouache on paper by Deborah Singletary)
New Moon | May 11, 2021 | 21 Taurus 18’

What do you believe the future has in store? Do you believe you can call for it rather than wait for it? This is an opportunity to dream the “impossible” dream, putting forth your boldest, most sacred desires, letting them have wings to fly. (The New Moon forms a sextile to Pallas conjunct Neptune in Pisces in the 11th house of the Sun on ascendant chart.)

It is easy to imagine a dark and deadly future because all of the structures, systems, beliefs have a default draw because of the leaden nature of blame. It is so grave and grim, what “they” who are in power do. If it would not be for “them,” my life would be better.

But one can just as well determine to rise above their own default level, where you blame as a matter of course, and say, we shall overcome. We shall rise above. I shall be different. (New Moon trine Pluto in Capricorn of the 9th of “they” think.

With planets in Taurus, the moral struggle is the natural tendency to be protective of what I have in the face of perhaps needed compromise and cooperation. Do I really want to give an inch; or do I fear that the inch might give away the advantage to the opponent or challenger? Recognize that you are the forecaster. What are you projecting and anticipating that you are simultaneously putting in the hands of others? To you it depends on what others do.

Limits vs. no limits. Constraints vs. no constraints. Obstacles vs. free reign. The limits come from a chronic old, automatic belief system, whereas limitlessness is unseen, or presents a challenge that makes you argue for your limitations. You can’t be free because x,y,z. Catch yourself when you are making excuses that sound like reasons for why you can’t or why that will not work or why you are otherwise stuck. (Saturn square Uranus.)

When the Sun is in Taurus, light goes on in the family home, as well as upon your inner strength and emotional resiliency. It is a square relationship that may be what my inner voice of Taurus speculates and cultivates, both Leo things. You take chances even when your personal resources seem wanting, or your evaluation of yourself lacks luster. What you have comes up against what you want. What’s the forecast? What is the speculation? At home with yourself you can cultivate a warm fire, a hearth fire. A “come, I will give you soup and tea” fire.

Do you have a happy creative soul at home? Is there honor in your home (an expression of your deepest self)? Is there laughter at home? I have been living with my brother. He is about to go to work in a foreign country. I will miss him. He makes me laugh every day. Warm energy passes between us. The vibes are cordial, courteous and considerate and cooperative. It brings an ease to the living.

Wherever you have Leo in your chart is the place where the beast of raw will is coaxed and calmed. Even if you don’t know where Leo falls in your chart, tune in to your most potent powers. Feel for it. Where in your life do you feel courageous and/or are you cowered? Are you creating scenes for yourself as the central character? Are you hero or king? (Leo.)


What calms your raging breast? Music? Nature? Gardening. Sewing? Painting? Eating something delicious? Drinking something sublime? Have some of it. Do some of it. Treat yourself. Humor yourself. Entertain yourself.

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