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Seeing Similarity in the Differences

Full Moon | December 12, 2019 | 19 Gemini 52'

Even though we often experience it as contrariness and arguments, the Full Moon is not about antagonism and opposition. We only feel opposed when we are at odds. Indeed, we are only ever at odds with our True Self. So, if we want to use the Full Moon, we might ask ourselves how it is we come to be standing in the position of not getting what we want and feeling intensely fed up about it.

The Full Moon is about synthesis and joining as well as fullness, completion and fulfillment. Full Moon wisdom is seeing the similarities in the differences and also seeing the elements of what is wanted in its apparent absence.

When the Moon is full and bearing fruit, It represents the energy by which people of like minds and ambitions are drawn.

The Moon in Gemini reflects the Sun in Sagittarius. In Tarot, Sagittarius is represented by Michael, which means Likeness of God and is the Voice of the Holy Guardian Angel who tempers the opposites of fire and water, by pouring water on the lion and flame upon the eagle.

If I am in the full voice of Sagittarius, I say, “I am like the Higher Being like no one else is like the Higher Being. I have my own signature and style. I am more than enough. I am deserving and entitle to that which is best and beautiful. I am ideal. I am perfect. I am needed to be me because no one else can be me.

When the Moon is in Gemini, I am susceptible to the speech of thought and word. Therefore, I want to be conscious of what I am thinking since my thinking reflects what I believe. When I hear myself thinking adverse thoughts, I need to pause and acknowledge that what I speak is what I believe. Is this belief congruent with the Voice of the Holy Guardian Angel? Does the Holy Guardian Angel tell me I am poor or that I am better than another? When I reach for the Voice of the Holy Guardian Angel, I will hear Truth. Truth is never condemning.

I intend to reflect the optimism and confidence of the Sun in Sagittarius in my thoughts and words. I do not pay attention to anything that dampens my spirit when I focus on it. I don’t focus on rising prices, I focus on rising advantages. I don’t focus on aging but on regeneration. There are lots of planets in Capricorn, which is fine if I am feeling administrative and king of the world, but it is detrimental when I am being realistic, meaning that I cannot see what I don’t have and can’t do. Focus on reality in this case is focusing on an obstructed view.

I heard, the seven-time Grammy award winning singer and producer, use the term “spiritual technology” and loved it. I consider astrology, tarot and the qabalah, instruments of “spiritual technology. And while I use this technology, especially when wanting to settle strife, I can also be conscious of my breath. I can slow it. I can deepen it. I can make it more rhythmic. How I think and speak begins the creation of my experience.


Observe how you set up your life with your think. Sagittarius is fiery optimism and enthusiasm. The Sun in Sagittarius at its best is confident, buoyant and positive. You don’t want to stand in opposition to this with your words. Don’t look at what you don’t want. Imagine the good life. Go ahead. Be brave. Don’t be realistic. Don’t limit yourself.

Up your faith, your optimism. Don’t let Devil Doubt make you fear the being cast out. Turn a bright eye on your dilemmas by finding the best thought you can have about them. Most of all, you don’t have to know how. Superconsciousness knows how and speaks to you through the subconscious information and inspiration.

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