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Practice Presence

New Moon | August 18, 2020 | 26 Leo 35’

“Think about it. There must be higher love,” Steve Winwood sings. Think it into existence. Aim for it. Shoot for it. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Do not renew the old hurts again and again. Jesse Jackson said, “Keep hope alive.” Jesse did not say to keep hurt alive. The New Moon and Mercury sextile the North Node in Gemini and Mars in Aries sextile it. Mars in Aries inspires you to act on your desires. Mars trines the Sun, Moon and Mercury, making it easier for you to act according to what you want to create. The North Node in Gemini is a midpoint for the planets in Leo and Aries, a point that activates your will and your desire. North Node in Gemini focuses on the story. Are we telling the story of what we want or of what we do not want?

Sometimes, the hardest thing for humans to do is to make up our mind about something desirable— fix it, focus it, repeat it. Mind is air, after all—invisible, changeable. Instead of repeating your history, say and repeat the way you want to go. Tell new stories instead of telling those you always tell. The ones you tell repeatedly are like spells that renew you in the sleep of the world. Be alert to the sentences that begin I always . . . or I never . . . and are completed with something undesirable. Try to catch the more subtle default storytelling which barely needs words because the feeling is so strong and the story so oft repeated. There was a time when I caught myself about to explain in inner dialog that I had a situation that was not my doing, so I needed allowance and forbearance and time. That might seem reasonable, but forbearance is usually on a short stick. Pro-active creativity on my part is the better way to plan.

The fact was that I had simply determined that I could redirect the facts by redirecting my mind. I had already determined that I could tell myself that there was no reason for me to keep framing my expectations short of what I want and need. And I had begun to experience the good results of this new thinking. The “I’m doing the best that I can, even though it isn’t all I want to do,” story was right there on the tip of my image-making faculty. I caught it. The feeling was “Just in case I cannot really pull this off.” I was looking at the person the thought was intended for, but not meant to be verbalized. It was just me telling myself the story that used to be true.

One of the benefits of being more present is that it helps you to catch what you are thinking. When you are wrapped up in and swirling in the tale and explaining the place you think you will end up that you don’t want to be, you can’t see what you are doing with your mind. Constantly remind yourself that the future is not the problem. Only today’s programming matters. Practice being more alert to the bent of what you are thinking today.


Practice presence. Notice that when you worry, it is always a future event that you do not want to manifest but are almost certain that it will be that way anyway. Practice presence by not thinking about the future becoming what you do not want.

Practice presence by not dwelling on the past because it is already done. You cannot go back.

Practice presence by asking yourself if you have a problem now, right now, this moment. A present problem is going to find you in action, not in thought. If the garbage disposal is making a horrendous sound you reach for the off-switch post haste. Then you investigate. You do not think, I wonder what is in there?

If you are compelled to think about the future, think about the future you would love to see. Learn to expect the best. Then, when the future comes you will be more present and able to act with clarity.

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