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Overcoming the World

Full Moon | January 6, 2023 | 16 Cancer 22’

Overcoming the world is overcoming the perception that the world is outside you and that anything whatsoever can defeat you.

The Full Moon is 16 degrees of Cancer. Cancer’s key words are, “I feel.” To feel is to sense, experience, undergo, be aware of. Other synonyms for feel are think and believe. “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” said Henry Ford. Webster’s online dictionary says to feel is to “undergo a passive experience of.” Everybody’s got to feel sometime. If the Moon is full in Cancer, then it is opposite the Sun in Capricorn. As earth and water, both signs are passive in nature and cardinal. We are bidden to allow (cardinal) ourselves to feel (passive).

Cancer is the seventh Key of Tarot. In Qabala, the number Seven means victory, safety, poise, and rest. We want to feel victory and safety. If we don’t feel it, the concepts of victory and safety are not quite real. If you don’t feel good or safe, observe your internal dialog and your body language. If you are mumbling and downcast, challenge the mumbles with clear positive language and pick your head up. Take this counsel from Paul Foster Case in his book, The Tarot: Change the (mental) pattern, and you change the result. Make it accurate, profound, courageous, positive…This is indeed the secret of all spiritual activities, the secret of strength, the secret of ultimate mastery.”

The year 2023 = 7 meaning that collectively, we are in a seven year. Perhaps, at last, we shall have some relief from the turmoil and torture of the last few years. We will feel our feelings and course-correct accordingly. Perhaps we shall do some overcoming. When the Moon is full, the Sun is in the opposite sign. The keywords for Capricorn are, “I utilize.” I make the most of my experiences, whether they are pleasing to me or not.

I have noticed how easy it is to feel abandoned by the universal forces when I temporarily lose my footing. The feeling is, I must have done something wrong, and I am not worthy. It may be that disappointment has purpose and that purpose is to teach and elevate, not punish.

I love that Capricorn, hard line realism, works harmoniously with Pisces, fantasy, and imagination. You can imagine yourself abandoned, and so sink further, or imagine yourself embraced through the storm, ultimately protected by the elements. When going through periods of uncertainty, get grounded. Do what is at hand, go to the edge of the light you can see. Imagine innovative solutions to big problems such as homelessness. At the very least, know there’s an answer, even if you don’t know the answer. Observe your mood about circumstances and situations that are difficult. Don’t assume all your problems are caused by you and something you are lacking. That’s depressing. Many economic problems and the resulting complications such as housing, health, and employment have their origin in systemic maladies. One way to contribute to your well-being and thereby the world is to own the power you do have. Turn up your light. Create. Love.


Write yourself a letter of love and encouragement. What kind of love letter would you love to receive? What is it that you are longing to hear? What doubts do you harbor that you need to dispel? What messages would touch your soul and prompt a smile or a tear? What grudge are you holding against yourself that you would love forgiven? Write it.

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