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Not Me

"Restyling the Angels" (Mixed-media tableau by Deborah Singletary

Full Moon | January 17, 2022 |27 Cancer 51’

He said, “they said nearly everyone is going to get Omicron." I said, “Ain't trying to hear that.”

The Moon is in Cancer, the sign that has to do with security and safety. At this Full Moon, with the Sun in Capricorn, conjunct Pluto, the planet that represents power, one can feel as if they are no match for powerful, malignant, forces.

Pluto also represents overcoming, transcending, or transforming. My keywords for Pluto in Capricorn are, “overcome the world.” For the Full Moon I would say that we are illuminating the possibility of overcoming the world by feeling secure in the face of adversity.

I did not have a cold for the whole decade of the nineties. I was so confident in my immunity that when someone waved off my approaching hug because of a cold, I would open my arms telling them that they really needed a hug and giving what I called, “An orange juice hug.” When people told me there was “something going around,” I would draw a semicircle in the air in front of my body, declaring, “and it’s going right around me,” meaning it could not penetrate my protective shield.

I became vulnerable again after my husband divorced me in 2001. I would observe myself feeling unsure around a sick person. My last cold was in February of 2020 when I was in crisis about being able to afford my first passport trip—a family trip to Costa Rica with March rent in doubt since my job had ended in November of 2019. I did manage to attend the family gathering for my 70th birthday with family help. It was joyous, luxurious, and mind-expanding.

Mid-March of 2020 an eviction notice was posted on my front door. I was a new student of Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now. I implemented his advice on unconditional living. He pointed out that at the time of crisis when we could ask ourselves if anything were wrong right now, and I could observe that though I was given two days to “pay or quit,” that edict would not be enforceable on the second day or weeks and possibly months after that.

I knew that essentially, I “have what I need." I grew more strongly as a believer when I slept well the night of the notice and every night after that, as long as I remembered to not cast doubt on my future. Miraculously, a moratorium on evictions was declared and I began to pay my rent every month on time beginning around June, when I said, “There is no reason why I shouldn’t be able to my rent in full each month.” The stimulus check helped me catch up on back rent and from that day in June of 2020, to now, I have always paid my rent in full and on time. There is no reason for me to think that will change. A few scares that I would be short have always been overcome. With me getting my mind right and overcoming doubt, the power of my thought has been demonstrated and never failed.

I have complete faith in the fact that “Things always work out for me,” a mantra I repeat whenever things go awry. Situations and circumstances have always worked out for me—not just the rent, but everything. Indeed, things are always working out for me.

I donned my invincible cloak again and have kept my poise as Covid-19 numbers climbed and the Delta variant arrived followed by Omicron. Join me in saying, “Perhaps nearly everyone, but not me” I understand the feeling of not wanting to look like a fool by having faith. You might want to keep your invocation to yourself. I am not suggesting that you don’t take reasonable precautions. However, don’t invite disease by fear and believing that you cannot overcome the world.


Nothing bad inserts itself into our experience. That is contrary to the law of attraction. “Tis nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so,” said the sage, Shakespeare. Therefore, if problems come, as problems must, you can say with confidence, “Everything is always working out for me.” If you do not feel all that confident and you do not understand or believe this law of attraction thing, make the experiment as best you can. Say it as confidently as you can. Notice how it makes you feel better, rather than the thought that, “Everybody is going to get it." Repeat, Everything is always working out for me and observe the proof of your vow.

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