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Non-reacting, Everlasting Love

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Ye Shall Inherit the Earth by Charles White

New Moon | January 12, 2021 | 23 Capricorn 13’

“That non-reacting, everlasting Love.” – From “Unconditional Love” lyrics by Donna Summer and Omartian Michael

Welcome to Mental Alchemy 2021 where we are tempering the energy of name and form into the dissolution of whatever is erroneous and not wholistic. The mental alchemy I refer to is courtesy of Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and Pallas-Athene in Aquarius. These planets in Aquarius suggest unconditional life and love. Planets in Aquarius express the power of now and the power of now is that it is not about when or if. So many people were ready to banish 2020 for a fresh start in 2021 but on the 6th day, dissidents stormed the Capitol, shattering or shaking the hopes of so many who wanted to bury ugly 2020.

The moral of the story is not when, but now. Right here. Right now. Today. You can be good today, win, lose or draw. This allows you to rise above the pendulum swing. This is unconditional love of life. Happiness need not depend on conditions. Happiness is your spirit, your Sun-ruled Leo house where you exercise your will, which is the outcome of the what you choose to think and imagine.

Unconditional love leads to a lessening of blame and an increase in the will to soothe the savage beast of your animal nature. Forgive them Father, for I know not how they complete me, sum me up, and reflect me.

I do not need for others to change so that I can be secure. I need to keep myself balanced and steady as I observe the world. I must take responsibility under the auspices of the Sun and Moon in Capricorn for what I contribute to the national conversation. I must keep my head when all about me are losing theirs and being razzed up by the news of the day.

Transiting Pluto was opposite the nation’s Mercury on January 6th, and Pluto is joined by the Sun and Moon of our New Moon. If we were to consider Mercury in Cancer as representative of our national mind, it was a day of explosive rage and also a day of revelation (although not surprise) as we watched how white protesters were treated with restraint. Transiting Pluto is going to be in this position all year. Think responsibly. Keep a gentle, tender, soothing hold on your own inner beast, lest you be tempted to pitch yourself into a fever of riotous verbal rampage. Do not let the world of name and form cause you to snap and run off on blind, reactive automatic. Ask questions. Seek to understand.


In "Unconditional Love," Donna Summers writes of non-reacting, everlasting love.

The reason we want to be non-reacting is that when we are too quick to react, we go off without self-awareness or consultation and guidance of higher self. When you read or hear something that is disturbing or angering, pause. Breathe. Put your hand over your heart. This will help you to remember that you are love and a loving response, an effort to understand, will allow you to be a healer and a hero, even though you may feel wounded. Compassion for yourself is compassion for conditions and all involved. Your healing hand on your heart will steady you and help you respond with equanimity, poise, and creative intelligence.

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