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Neutralize and Rise

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Rescue of the Wild Woman by Deborah Singletary

New Moon | 6 Virgo 47| August 30, 2019

What if we looked at D.T. (the 45th) as an archetype, symbol, symptom, or someone who represents something; not as an individual, personality, or “real” thing? Perhaps it would it help us to deal with his anomaly. You gotta know by now that D.T. is not just D.T., but what we imagine him to be, often reactively. You and I might agree to stone him, but he irks each of us (if he does), for our own personal reasons, though we may persuade ourselves otherwise. The reactive mind is subject to fight or flight responses that keep us off balance and unable to be proactively creative according to our own design.

When we are being reactive, our subconscious is running the show and therefore, we are more in a position to be manipulated. Nothing makes us reactive quicker than hearing something that is threatening, blatantly false, and injurious.

If we each observed the 45th as an archetype (a type), that would slow our reactive roll, and wake us up a little bit. We could come to personal responsibility for how he is created in our own imagery, and if we are spiritual aspirants, especially, we can decide if we want to keep fighting with metaphoric sticks and stones that don’t break bones and don’t break through.

This is Sun and Moon both conjunct Mars, the planet of war and conflict in Virgo. Sun, Moon and Mars, also conjunct Venus, planet of peace, also in Virgo. How do war and peace inhabit the same space of your health and well-being? The desire for work, love and health is heightened. Mercury and Juno are also in Virgo at 2 degrees. The relational aspects of Mind are brought into play. Mercury, the mental planet, ruling Virgo, the sign of physical disposition shows that the mind rules the body. How’s your body? How’s your mind?

How worked up are you by whatever is working you up? Are you dancing around in the ring of thought with your boxing gloves on?

What if we, individually and experimentally stopped casting shade on the 45th., even if he is a shade magnet? This would be called neutralizing. You don’t have to turn on the dime and become a 45th-lover. Just hover in mental suspension with no judgment. You are not doing this for him, you are not trying to understand him or forgive him or others who vex you. You are just trying to give your mind a role that best suits your well-being which manifests in your health, welfare and balanced outcomes.

At the full moon I told a story to illustrate that neutralization or suspension of judgment leads to love and understanding. I did not have to love the woman I disliked. All I had to do was neutralize, stop casting shade, stop casting the shadow of resentment and disdain as if I had enough information to judge the case. I didn’t have expectations about results. Yet something worked things so that I would hear the offender’s story and come to have mercy where once my attitude was severe and judgmental.

Jesus, also a metaphorical figure to me who stands for the heart, personal kingship and the Central Ego, said, “As I see, I judge, and my judgement is just.” Our overview just isn’t that good, especially when we are reactive. When we are reactive, we are not thinking; therefore, we are not choosing, deliberate, or creative. Reactive is Moon without the benefit of Mercury. Neutralization helps us to rise above the swing of the pendulum.


Practice neutralization or cease-judgement. When you catch yourself being resentful or judgmental about anything, stop. If you can’t stop because your mind has a mind of its own, take it as a sign that you are not in the driver’s seat. Choose something to focus on. Make something. Read something. Sort your junk drawer. Write a thank-you note to someone.

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