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Meek is not Weak

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Photo by Wakumi Douglas

Full Moon | December 29, 2020 | 8 Cancer 53’

When Pluto, the celestial body representing in-depth change, connected to my Jupiter, planet of grace and growth and squared my Moon in warrior Aries, I wondered where were the women when they were being scratched out of history. And where are we now? I realized that I have been blaming men for being disrespectful of women, but I did not ask what part the women played. I realized that what many women do is conspire. It as if they agree "It is your job or stance to belittle me and disarm me, and threaten to take my very body. My job is to be the victim fighting. You have it. I don’t. I am at a disadvantage. I have to agree that I am at a disadvantaged, otherwise your will could not encroach upon mine."

Then I realized that the so-called war between the sexes was only one manifestation of one generalized human erroneous idea “might makes, right.” The root of might makes right, is fear of annihilation or death. What do I have to do to get along? What do I have to do to manage or overcome my enemies?

The Moon in Cancer asks us to get out of the comfort zone of fearing death. You overcome the fear of death in order to have quality of life, in order to do and to dare and enjoy the fruits thereof. I am not talking about the ultimate liberating death, but about the little deaths that we fear will doom our lives or deeply embarrass us.

Are you linked in mind with the Aggressor?

The aggressor thinks they can overtake you and you think they can overtake you. Your belief and the aggressor's beliefs are in sync.

I remember a story my sister Deborah tells of waiting for a bus in the darkness in an unfamiliar neighborhood in front of a park. She noticed a group of young men and the vibe was trouble. Instead of standing there hoping and fearing, she went into the park and walked up to the young men and asked if they would protect her and wait with her at the bus stop. One of them agreed. He told her that the other guys were, in fact, planning to attack her. She walked right up to the danger and so disarmed it, courageously and deftly.

Remember the movies where the woman cowers in the corner with a frightened look that says, "You got me, and there's nothing I can do about it." You want to yell at the screen, "Don't act scared. You are telling the bad guy that you are an easy target. If you do not let fear get the best of you, you might think of a way out.”

To operate from the feminine successfully is to live by a model in which the threat of violence is not the controller. The feminine functions from, “Love is the answer” and having the gumption to love.

“The meek shall inherit the earth,” Jesus said. Meek is not weak. As long as people cannot put love first, they will be desecrating the way of grace.

The Sun is in Capricorn, the sign of the goat. Notice those who put on meek clothing by pretending to be gentle and for you when they are not so that you will easily surrender the goods. Don’t some politicians pretend to be meek and working for our interests to get what they want? They want a false inheritance. They want that which is not rightfully theirs. The same is true of some government and business. “Look, see, this oil will clean your engine. This shampoo will get you a boo.” Not true, but you are fooled. Must be something to this meek inheriting thing if it serves as a mask for the deceitful.

The Powerful Feminine

The honest power of the feminine or meek is to put yourself in receptive relationship to that which is true and good and above and satisfies both sides or all. Meek is not submissive or fearful. Listen to your Higher Self (not the you intimidated self). Carry out this inner instruction obediently and with integrity and you will find that the Kingdom of Spirit is the flesh of your life.


It might be that when you think of power you think of destructive force. Redefine power as ability, capacity and faculty, influence and strength. Strengthen yourself by entertaining thoughts of your inevitable success. See yourself living the life you want in the world you want. I see myself increasingly sensitive to the loving, gentle instruction of my higher self which teaches me to treat others as I want to be treated. I am richly blessed as I increasingly live my life more loving and confident.

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