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Love is Metaphysical

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Re-Creation by Deborah Singletary (painted to explore my ailing womb's wisdom)

Full Moon | September 20, 2021 | 28 Virgo 14’

I discovered Louise Hay around 1985 with her book Your Body: The Mental Causes of Disease and the Metaphysical Ways to Overcome Them. She was saving the lives of men with AIDS by teaching them to love themselves. Love is metaphysical, beyond and above the physical. Illness is caused mentally. Whenever I look up an ailment in her book, she explains what is going on with me and it will be tied to mental activity that I am not aware of and therefore not aware of how my thoughts are compromising my health. For example, foot problems represent “fear of the future and not stepping forward in life.” I may or may not be able to recognize that I have been thinking thoughts relative to this, but I will know that I feel this way.

We are not yet accustomed to connecting the dots between the things that ail us and our mental constructions and how those constructions cause us to live. I use the word construction deliberately to evoke the earth sign related to health, Virgo, the sign our Sun is in. Mercury, the Messenger, the mind, and its activities, is the ruler of Gemini and Virgo. The message here is that the mind is connected to the health of the body. The body is more than an earthen clog.

I consider Virgo to be the health function of the body and Pisces to be the emotional function of the body. Qabalah assigns Key 18, The Moon, to Pisces, and also assigns to this Key, the Corporeal (bodily) Intelligence. This would suggest that the intelligence of the body is emotional. When asked how you feel, you respond according to your body. If you are elated, there is no question about that. You feel a certain vibrancy and vitality. If you are sad, you feel malaise, a pain in your gut, lethargy, or dullness.

The Hebrew letter for this key, Qoph, is said to represent the back of the head, which houses the autonomic nervous system. The National Institute of health defines the autonomic nervous system as “a component of the peripheral nervous system that regulates involuntary physiologic processes including heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, digestion, and sexual arousal.”

In causation of disease, we are not aware of what is going on in the back of our head. The reason disease manifests, is precisely because we do not know what we are feeling and thinking. It registers in our body because our emotional and mental attitudes that do not live harmoniously in our body cannot just be dismissed. Sickness may be viewed as the request by our body for us to change our relationship with something—a relationship about which we may not be conscious. If we heal without also becoming conscious, we are liable to relapse or manufacture a new illness.

Deepak Chopra says, “The mortality and morbidity of this virus (Covid) is directly linked to stress, panic, sympathetic overdrive and agitated minds.”

What if we perpetuate the virus and its variations because we are stressed, panicked, and agitated about it and our lives, thereby giving our cells the wrong message? Would you risk calming down, even though the virus looms, trusting that worry and angst and anger at the unvaccinated do not help?

I say risk calming down because as mentioned at the New Moon, we think we are obliged to worry because when we worry, we think we are doing something. We might ask ourselves, how can I be calm in the face of my problems and all these concerning things about the world?

Think of Luke Skywalker when it was crucial that he hit the target. He was told to “use the force.” He was quiet and concentrated, not jiggly and agitated.

Dr. Henry Sarno, (Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection) says, “All physicians should be practitioners of holistic medicine in the sense that they recognize the interaction between mind and body. To leave the emotional dimension out of the study of health and illness is poor medicine and poor science.

This brings us back to the Moon in Pisces, the emotional governance of the body’s health. When you feel anxious, angry, frightened, or suspicious, do not just push the feeling away. Host the feeling and be attentive to what it’s telling you about your beliefs. This attention often has a calming effect. As you calm, contemplate what beliefs would be healthy to install in your body.


Recognize the interaction between your mind/emotions and body. Listen to yourself. What are you saying? What are you imaging that might be non-verbal? Are you thinking that according to your age, you might be in danger of developing dementia? Are you berating yourself for missing the mark? There’s a tap for that. Even if you don’t tap, you can say, I might be experiencing brain fog, but I deeply and completely love and accept myself. And then, go do something you in which you are interested, or love to do or that is fun.

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