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Love is All You Need

Updated: Jan 11

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not Deborah Singletary (circa 1988)

New Moon | January 11, 2024 | 20 Capricorn 44’

Too much. Already dealing with the war in Ukraine (and the un-housed, high rents, and a host of problems.) Then Hamas attacks Israel and Israel attacks Hamas, atrocious behavior on both sides. I read that the Supreme Court is going the hear whether Trump (who I really don’t like to name here because he is such a polarizing figure), can be removed from the ballot in Colorado. I think I know what they are going to decide, and I already personally think it’s crazy that he can run. I have been feeling disillusioned for some time and this is damn near enough to send me screaming into the night.

I get a whiff of something when I am reminded that I am not on this earth to fix that which I deem to be broken. I am on this earth to keep from being broken-hearted despite the disheartening goings on. Being disillusioned is deceptively like being stuck up. Being disillusioned suggests I know better and "they won't listen to me!"

Disillusionment is a type of judgment. Disillusionment can show a lack of understanding and mercy. Nations at war are trying to fix it. Individuals in quarrels are un-accepting of the other’s differences and are chest-beating, blaming, or protecting themselves. They are in pain. They are not loving. They are not loving unconditionally.

Love, no matter the conditions, rises above the conditions.

The New Moon is in an earth grand trine with the asteroid Juno in Virgo and the planet Uranus in Taurus. Since earth represents that which is tangible and available to the senses, this suggests that the fraternity of humankind is here now and accessible for our practical work. Virgo is the sign associated with the Hermit, and Juno in Virgo is the community of we the people. We the people are free to form a more perfect union if we do not let our differences destroy and deter us.

The New Moon at 20 Capricorn makes a T-square with the North Node at 20 Aries and the South Node at 20 Libra. The square to the North Node in Aries counsels that each of us hold ourselves to be accountable no matter what the other, or the world is doing.

I have been feeling disillusioned for some time, attributing it to Neptune in my house of politics. I can see that the intuition to not think dismissive thoughts is the New Moon in Capricorn sextile Neptune. Neptune is the planet of universal love which we often won’t give a chance. We just don’t have the will to use love to overcome our out-of-our-mind madness and need to punish those who cause us pain. The song says, all we need is love and we say, no, no, no, no. Love is for wusses. Might makes right.

Neptune is part of a grand cross by squaring Mercury, where lack or loss of faith is default thinking. It opposes Juno in Virgo, making us critical and judgmental of those who do not share our views. Neptune also squares Vesta in Gemini. Vesta in this position counsels to keep your mind healthy and free from doubt in the face of bad news or a bad diagnosis. Negative thinking can make you sick by weakening your immune system. Choose healthy thoughts. Choose healthy thoughts about the world community and the prospects for humankind. If you hate the polluters; for example, you contribute to the pollution first, of your own body, and of the air we breathe and think in and the water which is the ocean of our combined memories.


The beauty of love is that you can do it privately. Does someone offend you? Do you have a negative thought on repeat? First. Observe how the thought makes you feel. Is your gut twisted? Do you suffer from a gastrointestinal malady? Send thoughts of love. Notice how it makes you feel. If it is impossible to send love, just say something along the lines of, “I am willing to cut the ties that bind me to negativity. I set them free so that I may be free.”

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