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Is That What You Want?

We Are One by Deborah Singletary

Full Moon | Lunar Eclipse | January 10, 2020 | 20 Cancer There are wars and rumors of wars. We know that there is a Full Moon, and a Lunar Eclipse. Our feelings are heightened as told by the Moon in Cancer. Cancer Keywords: I Feel. We really feel the brink. Could it be the brink of a breakthrough? Is war what you want? If not, don’t look at it. It can’t appear before your eyes before it appears in your imagination. War is being waved at you, suggested to you. How suggestible do you want to be? There’s stuff to angst about, even in your personal life. Things are presented to your mind’s eye. You shake you head. You are wary and weary. It looks so darn bad, so ugly, so entrenched.

But war won’t come for you, if you don’t look at it, if you don’t entertain it and feed it by thinking worrisome thoughts about it.

I know. I know. Everything is in Capricorn, sign of rocks and walls. Well, not everything, but Jupiter, planet of growth, beneficence and higher mind is there, and astrologers say it is in its “fall.” It doesn’t do so good in the sign of hardness, harshness and criticalness. The Sun, illumination is in Capricorn. But do we see light shining in the darkness? The Mind is there with Mercury. Our thinking might tend to be downcast. Ceres, the asteroid which represents the Mother of Loss, is in Capricorn, and we mourn for Australia and the earth in general. The Mother of Loss conjoins Saturn, Father Time and with the scythe of death. Finally, Pluto, planet of power, especially ruthless power, is in Capricorn and tyrants are stomping around like they think they are giants. Four of the five planets, along with Ceres are within 2 degrees of each other. This is concentrated. Put a Full Moon Eclipse in tight opposition to these planets, and you have a recipe for something’s gonna blow.

I say, let bullshit blow. Let fear blow.

The lesson of Capricorn, as told by Key 15, of Tarot, is that what you see is not all there is. It is up to you to let the blinders fall away.

What you think matters. What you think about and how you think about it matters. It doesn’t matter to the world. It matters to you because no one has your vantage point of the world, but you.

If you want to see good where now you see a weak and weary world, you are going to have to envision good. You must do it minute by minute and day by day.


Entertain images in your head and heart of what you want to see. If something comes into your head that causes you to frown or wince, don’t entertain it. Don’t let it sit around with it and drink tea. Only look at what you want.

Recently I caught myself giving a report in my mind to a friend about something in my life. It was bad news that I considered inevitable. This was taking place in anticipation of a visit and conversation three weeks away. The inner voice asked me, “Is this what you want? Then don’t imagine it!” It is not here now. Don’t imagine it. 

I rehearsed the good news story in my mind that I wanted to tell, and in three weeks, when the visit and conversation were a reality, the news was actually and truly good. The negative speech did not become a reality.

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