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Inviolate Being of Light

Photo by Esther Havens

Full Moon | March 9, 2020 | 19 Virgo 37’

God is always in charge. If we personify, then God is Woman. We personify because we are beings in the form of blood, bone and flesh. Clearly the woman who carried us all, male and female, was under the divine auspices of Superconsciousness, holding us while we took shape from Divine Being. We might feel this better in the world if we all felt God as a feminine presence.

I say this unequivocally in the afterglow of The Sacred Sisters Bloom retreat in the desert South of San Diego this weekend, where 57 women gathered to blossom. It was my privilege to be there at the invitation of my niece, Davana and her friend and business partner, Heather. Both names are types of flowers, by the way. I was the oldest participant and was graciously assisted and waited upon by these young women who were mostly in their 20’s and 30’s .

This retreat was clearly timed by divine design, as are all things ultimately are. If you were an astrologer asked to pick an auspicious date for this retreat, you would not pick a mercury retrograde. Initially, the event was scheduled closer to summer, but a spot became available at the Liberty Arising Retreat Center, and they took it. They did not know it would be the weekend before International Woman’s Day and a Full Moon in Virgo, sign of The Virgin, She Who is Inviolate (free or safe from injury or violation).

They “happened to” kick off with Leo rising and the Moon in Leo. In Tarot Leo is represented by Key 8, Strength, and the picture is of a woman dressed in white, symbolizing purity or freedom from mixture, meaning she does not mix desire with doubt. She has a chain of roses wrapped around the head of a Lion, who is roaring at her behest and she is clearly calm and in charge. Subconsciousness controls even the King of Beasts. She does it as the unfailing instrument of that which we call God.

In Hebrew, there is a word GD, spelled Gimel Daleth, which Qabalah represents as The High Priestess, Gimel, and the Empress, Daleth. The Moon is associated with the High Priestess, and Venus is associated with The Empress. The word they form, Gad, sounds suspiciously like God to me. Moon and Venus, The High Priestess and The Empress, are clearly feminine archetypes. Gad means good fortune in Hebrew and it is also the name of the tribe of Israel associated with the first sign, Aries, a masculine fire sign in which the Sun is exalted, and the time of Spring, when the Sun warms, trees green and flowers bloom.

Beyond the fact that the consonants of good fortune sound like God, is the fact that we look to God for promised blessings, and to find favor on our affairs. In Qabalah, words that have the same numeral value, in this case, 7, have similar or associated meanings, and DBA, Daleth, Beth, Aleph (Venus, Mercury, Uranus, adds to 7 and means strength, affluence, rest and quiet. The Tarot Key 7 is attributed to Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon, The High Priestess, whose placement on the Tree of Life connects Kether, Crown, with Tiphareth, Sun. She descends from the Crown wearing a triple crown, composed of a full moon, surrounded by waxing and waning crescent moons. 7 means Victory, Triumph and Equilibrium and Key 7 is The Real Self, The One Self.

The Sun in Pisces correlates with Key 18 of Tarot, though its title is, The Moon. The 18th Key is The Corporeal (Bodily) Intelligence, which suggests that water, emotion and subconsciousness is the key to the automatic rhythms and processes of the Body. The Moon in Virgo represents the health of the body system, and the root of health is whole.


If you want to stay healthy in this time of the coronavirus scare, stay emotionally (Moon) under the Crown (Corona) of well-being. Visualize yourself wearing a Crown of Light, because you are an inviolate being of light. Nothing insidious can enter your experience without your invitation. Don’t vibrate attraction to anything unwanted, disease or dis-ease. The statement that corresponds with The Crown on the Tree of Life is, “I am a center of expression for the primal will-to-good, which eternally creates and sustains the universe.”

When you wash your hands, remember that the hands are ruled by Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury, which also rules Virgo, the placement of the full moon. Wash your hands, don’t wring them with germ fears. Wash your hands and remember that you are first and foremost cleansing your mind of negative and fearful thinking.

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