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How Do You Love?

New Moon | August 8, 1921 | 16 Leo 14’

How do you l0ve? What engages you? What do you enjoy? What’s fun and exciting that you look forward to, that you care about so much, that you cultivate it. You learn to do it better. You research it. You practice it.

This is a question the New Moon in Leo, the sign of self-expression, can ask.

”Like Kahlil Gibran’s ‘work is love made visible’, when we do the work that has our name on it, it is an expression of love. When entrepreneurs come into our fold and we have conversations about what they want to do or what they want to change or what they want to create in the world, one of the questions we ask them, one of the first questions we ask them is, how do you love? How do you love? What are the things that you offer, that you share? What are the gifts that you give? What are the gifts that you’ve been given to give and share with the world? It’s all about love.” – Rha Goddess

Express yourself—the authentic you. Not the you that curries favor, but the you bursting out of the brightness of your heart in whatever house Leo is in.

There’s a New Moon in Leo, and it’s all about love. If you love it, you can solve it, cure it, save it, fix it. We humans can be so weak-willed. We wring out hands and shake our heads. The problem is not that the problem is so hard, but that our willingness is not there. Someone said that about education recently. She said, we could fix education. We know what it takes. We just don’t want to. I get what she is saying.

Money is being spent "pretend fixing” education. The truth is that the status quo needs a crop of people cultivated to believe that they are not being educated because they don’t have the right stuff and their parents don’t have the right stuff, and they must not have expectations, because they can’t. Hard labor, low pay is their lot. They were born into it. Nothing to be done. The status quo is not talking about education reform for middle and upper income children. They are talking about education for those we want to believe they are un-educable.

Education is just one example. This is happening with a multitude of problems. They are saying, “Gosh. we just don’t know how to fix this.

All you need is love. There is a New Moon in Leo. Leo is the light of the Sun, the heart of our solar system, the heart of The Tree of Life, the heart of the astrology chart.

The Sun in Leo is square Uranus in Taurus. In Taurus we have our stuff. We have what we think is important. We have talent. We have love and desire since Taurus is ruled by Venus. Can we be honest and true if we might lose our stuff? I mean. Don’t we have to go on faking that we like this job because it pays us money so that we can get stuff?

What would it cost to get honest?

The life we live conforms to our inner thoughts, not to our outer pretend, where we may be trying to look like gold though the truth is, we’re just painting it on.

The New Moon in Leo calls for authenticity. Uranus in Taurus asks us to access what we truly value. It is easy to think that we want and need money, but money is a byproduct of giving the world what we are happy and eager to give, what we are good at because we love and enjoy it.


New Moon is opposite Saturn. Saturn is the mark we must hit, where we have to dock and lock it in or hear the noise of out of gear or alignment. It is not the world outside that presents barriers. We throw up our own barriers when we cannot be honest or true. We just can’t get it. We cannot hit the mark half-heartedly. We can’t hit the gold vein if we feign.

Do something that you love. If you can’t think of anything, then do little acts of kindness, like offering a smile or a compliment or sending a thank you or thinking of you. Doing something for yourself counts. Buy yourself some flowers. Make a trinket. Sing a simple song.

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