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Free from Fear

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Full Moon | 19 Aquarius 21’ | August 11, 2022

Anita Moorjani emerged from her near-death experience with the admonition to live fearlessly. She had had so many fears, beginning with overhearing her mother’s friend saying that being a girl meant that she was trouble for her parents. She bucked her Indian culture by backing out of an arranged marriage for fear she would not be able to live up to the expectation that she be submissive to her husband.

The Full Moon in the sign Aquarius, the sign of going contrary to the system, the culture, and social expectations, highlights this for many of us, because not only is the desire to be free running high, but it is also directly encountering Saturn, which often forbids us to cross the line. At the same time, we are being urged by Uranus conjunct the North Node and Mars to tear down or bypass conventional expectations and values in order to make our way in the world. We fear what will happen if we just say, “Flick it, I must go for it. I must take a risk, take the gamble that I will land of my feel and be alright.”

The Sun is in Leo, sign of creative self-expression, which is the sign of creating your life in a self-determined way. To have the life you want; you must fearlessly buck convention as you keep your eyes glued to the prize.

The North Node conjunct Uranus and Mars says, go for it, while the South Node in Scorpio might not feel emotionally ready to stay the course.

Humans think more negatively than positive. To rise above the negative experience, you must think differently, which means courageously and without splitting your energy with doubt. What if it does not work out? What if it does?

What if you just go for it and if it doesn't go according to plan, use the clarity you will undoubtedly gain to try something else? Jupiter, planet of optimism and growth semi-squares both Mars and Saturn, which square each other. Mars square Saturn can say, to do or not to do. To go for it, or stay safe? Jupiter injects a note of optimism. In Aries it says, trust yourself. As Mars is the ruler of Aries, it strongly suggests taking a chance on that which motivates you and drives you to experience your passion.

Neptune in the 8th house of psychological pressures makes a harmonious aspect with Mars. This suggests going for your dreams for a better world for you to inhabit. Do what makes you feel good.


Compose a positive and courageous speech for yourself. Say something like, “The Universe is friendly toward my plans and backs me up in unexpected ways so that each step I take toward my goals is fortified and supported. Everything is working out for me as I imagine that things are working out and that I cannot take any steps amiss. I believe in myself. I have faith in myself. Doubt does not have a place at my table. I keep my thoughts pure and consecrate my actions to more and better for myself and others. I am marching, skipping and dancing in joy toward a joyous life. I expect fulfillment and wishes granted. I welcome myself to the best that life offers.”

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