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Everything I Need and More

A West African griot passing knowledge and wisdom.

New Moon Solar Eclipse | December 3, 2021 | 12 Sagittarius 22’

We are the makers of our own story. As we tell it, we also create it. What happened? We say, "Let me tell you . . ." Thus commencing or recommencing a story.

We tell it, we make it. “They cheated me at the car dealership,” we might tell, and behind it are all the emotions of exploitation and victimization. We recall what happened and create what will happen. “So, you see, I am this honest and good person, and I don’t have a lot because I am a woman, and I went to buy a car, and there was this pressure and this systematic way of capitalizing on my ignorance and naivete. They have had lessons on how to get me, and I have had no lessons on how to buy a car and not get taken. When I go in there, I have the fear of being taken, the memory of being taken, the expectation of being taken and the desire to not be taken, and no faith in the latter.”

We tell this story based on its history. If we tell the story with the emotion of the innocent and hapless victim, we project this story into our future. We bring ourselves down. We draw ourselves powerless and put it out there in such as a way as to draw the next exploitation experience.

This is a last nod to the North Node in Gemini and the South Node in Sagittarius. Gemini is the storyteller and Sagittarius is the story told in a way that there is a bright or dark future.

The Nodes are one degree and they always travel retrograde, so they began at the last degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius. At one degree, they put forward that it all begins with how you tell the story. As you think about your life and recount it to others, you have made it into the Sagittarius future. Your life is bigger and brighter, happier and more successful, or it is a timid flame afraid to burn bright.

The illustration story I share here is related to where the Nodes will be next—Taurus (I have) and Scorpio (I desire). The North Node in Taurus declares: “I want to keep my focus in direction of what I have.” What do you have? More than you can see. You have everything; all the stuff and all the power to express yourself creatively and happily live the life you will.

The South Node in Scorpio suggests that it is easy for us to default to what we don’t have, really need, and don’t believe we will receive. It seems inevitable to focus on our debts and deficits. We might rue that we are not enough and don’t have enough to draw that which we desire. We might see others as having the power and the money.

Work with the North Node which declares, we have everything we need and more.


If my accounts are in the red, I am not seeing what I have. My mantra is, “I am not limited to what is in my wallet or my purse or my bank account.” I can believe in what I don’t see, which is generous and inexhaustible, or I can believe in what I don’t see in my wallet, purse, or bank account.

Do the 52-week challenge. Make or get yourself a pretty envelope and put in $1 on the first

of January, $2 the second week of January, increasing your contribution $1 each week.

Some people like to work it backwards (might work with the nodes). They put the highest amount on the first day, each week putting $1 less, until on the last week of the year. $1 completes the challenge.

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