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Cultivate Joy and Curiosity

Morning of Red Bird by Romare Bearden

Full Moon | April 7, 2020 | 18 Libra 44’

What if we, the people, had already conquered fear of death? How then might we take the pandemic story? I don’t mean untrue or not real. I mean my story and your story about the story.

If it were me at the center of this scene, fully confident about my eternal life, my story could be that I am one of those saints who is marching in at this time in this way, responding to a call that is woven into my being. It is not newly sown; it was there from the beginning. It is not against my will. It was life leading to this. The Sun in the 18th degree of Aries is the vital body that is viable enough to impregnate life. Leo and Scorpio are like subtexts of the 18th degree of Aries. Aries key words are “I am.” Wherever Aries is on your wheel of life, you can measure your vitality. Where is your “I am” and how do you finish the sentence that begins "I am . . .?" I am vital and alive in my body. I am enjoying being in this time. The air is electric with the strains of the New World Order. This drama of life and death (Leo square Scorpio), is really the drama of live, or die. Cultivate joy and curiosity; or die by not living. If I knew I was going to live forever, I would understand that the virus, having no invitation to abide in me, cannot gain access to my body. I would follow protocol, and at the same time I would not vibrate fear that I am susceptible.

___________________________ There is No Other The Moon in the 18th degree of Libra is about imagined ideas about people. Imagined reflects Venus ruling Libra.The key words for Libra are, “I balance.” That means that I even things out between myself and others so that I may be in harmony even in the presence of a so-called enemy. The enemy is as I imagine her. Venus, the planet of love and creative imagination, is the ruler of Libra. The subtexts for the 18th degree of Libra are Aquarius and Taurus. You might say Aquarius-Taurus represents your true values, the ones you uphold when no one is looking. The question might be, how am I honoring and valuing others?

The first time I read the term “social distancing,” I was incredulous. What are they trying to do, I thought, make us feel more disconnected, more distrustful of each other, unable to assemble lawfully? There is no “they,” the inner voice asserted. Even if there was an evil plot, it would work out for your good. My conspiracy theorist died that day. The key was that everything is for my good, even if there are all kinds of plotting and maneuvering going on. There is no they, for even the evil-intended are governed by the One Power. I was further informed that this forced distancing was simply the out-picturing or manifestation of the polarity that has already been created. Now that it is manifest, it is over. It’s old news. Note it, and don’t recreate it. Full Moons are always about polarity, the opposites. Aries is independence. Libra is cooperation. Aries is what I want, Libra requires consideration. Aries-Libra is classic Self vs. other. However, in truth, there is no other.


Notice if you are using the term, “they.” Who are the “they” you refer to? Are they the ones you perceive to have power you do not have? Are they the antagonists? Imagine “they” did not encumber you. What would you do to be part of solution? How would you express your freedom? For example, my “they” when I thought about social distancing, was whoever was imposing that rule—essentially government. Now that I know that only good can come, I have no need to chafe or resist.

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