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Are You Divided?

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

New Moon Solar Eclipse | December 25, 2019 | 4 Capricorn 07’

Ask not if your country is divided. Are you divided? If you are not divided, you are not feeding any perceived division. If you are divided, you must reunite yourself. By working against the “enemy,” to quell or stop or obliterate the enemy, actually, you are working against yourself.

Notice that the instruction is not to unite with those you are repulsed by or afraid of. When individuals report that the country is divided, the belief is that “they” are divided against “us.” We wish they would see that we are good and that we are right. Then they would have no reason to be against us and threaten us.

However, the enemy you see is only the enemy you create. Created enemies serve to help you name enmity with yourself. The hostile world comes from hostile environs. Environs are within. Environs reflect are how you feel. How you feel about yourself is what ails you and that comes from a separation between you and your capital I.

Who feels good? Who is not muddling along? Do you think the person who just won The Voice is all peachy keen, or do you think he is saying some form of, am I good enough? What about my weight? What about my child? What about what I want to sing. What about the music business? What about all the stuff I don’t know?

This is why we don’t wait for when . . . when I lose weight, when I make enough money, when I meet a lover. “When” could catch you unprepared, should it seem to make an appearance. This is why we practice living now, being present and inhabiting life now. This is why it is undermining to paint interior pictures of certain disappointment. If we are not disappointed today, we don’t project disappointment for tomorrow. If we don’t dwell on past hurts and raw deals and persecutions, they do not become the threads for today’s weave, and so can’t cross over into the life we create.

Life got so much better for me when I understood that I could expect life to be good, just because, and not because I am nice and not naughty. That means I can feel good about myself right here, now, today, as I am. This closes a gap. All I want is to feel good in myself and about myself. I must give myself props and respect today, just as I am. I am good enough to say what I want. I am good enough to entertain my desires in my heart of hearts. I feel good today as I think about what I want.

This is the way to reunite with your gleaming, beaming self. Reunited thus, you will not worry about what others think or say or do.

Student: “How shall we treat others.”

Ramona Maharshi: “There are no others.”


Do you hear what I hear? I hear, “A child, a child, shivers in the cold let us bring him silver and gold.” I hear silver as the Moon and gold as the Sun. You are that child. I am that child. Let us know our worth.

I hear silver and gold, Moon and Sun, and I hear astrology. I hear what a magnificent guide astrology is. I hear how personal the instruction can be, how well suited to the individual for self-illumination and direction. I hear Sun and I hear, The Central Ego, Beauty, the Heart, the King. I hear Silver and I hear the Moon, Memory, Reflection, the Crowning Star of The Tree of Life. I see New Moons and Full Moons. I see The Christmas Tree.

Let the Light be renewed in your Heart of Hearts and let it illuminate your path as you light the path for those who succeed you.

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