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I Am

New Moon |March 31, 2022, PT |April 1, 2022, ET|11 Aries 31’

You must believe before you see. If you must see it in the flesh before you can believe, how can you carry the light for others to see in the dark times? How can you be an example of the way? Do you think reason comes without faith? Seers put stock in the unseen. (Aries sextile Aquarius.) Aries is sight, vision and insight. Aquarius, an air sign, is invisible or unseen (but can be felt).

This is the spring of the Age of Aquarius. Mars, ruler of Aries, is in Aquarius. Evokes the Sword of Truth and the mind’s true liberator—Aquarius.” We are learning to negotiate the unseen world, to see a certain fixity or reliability about it. We must learn that our thoughts matter. None of them are unregistered throwaways that have no influence on our experience.

Key 7, The Chariot, is attributed to the astrology sign Cancer, to the principle of speech and to “The Intelligence of the House of Influence." Since Cancer is home and family, the suggestion is that early experiences in our family of origin can shape our expectations and our assessments of ourselves. Did you feel misunderstood at home? Chances are you still expect others to misunderstand and misjudge you.

Then there are the thoughts we do not know we are thinking. Our vibrations/feelings can be wordless thoughts. If you are feeling worthless or useless or lacking, don’t be surprised if someone treats you as such. For thoughts, the Thesaurus gives, “views, feelings, beliefs and reflections,” as some of the synonyms.

One of my favorite things to tell myself and clients is “Don’t look at what you don’t want.” This refers to looking at what is in the mind’s eye—some doom forecast which seems to be the truth. You don’t want it. It’s not here now. Don’t look at it because looking at it makes it fill in and move from not here to here, because you have been anticipating, setting out the welcome mat, even though doom is not welcome. It’s dreaded. Looking at it, thinking it is inevitable, could make it eventual.

For example, you don’t have a job and rent is due, or you do have a job, but your rent has been hiked higher than you can afford. Why don’t you see yourself getting a job or a higher paying job? Too far out? Illogical? What do you want? Do you want a job or money or do you want to be out on your ass? Even if being out on your ass seems inevitable, it has not happened and you do not have to focus on it as if it is the only possible reality. Don’t “look at” falling apart. Look at coming together.

The keywords for Aries are, “I am.” Wherever you find Aries in the chart is where you are self-defined, or needing to be. Who are you? What do you stand for? Where do you take the lead? Where are you a sovereign individual. Where does the buck stop? How are you for a good time? Can you be counted on? Do you bring the fire? Mercury (Mind), Moon (Reflections), Sun (Being), Chiron (Healing), Pallas-Athene (Wisdom) are all in Aries.

The Tarot pictures for Aries a warrior in ceremonial armor. In the words of a spiritual, he “studies war no more.” He does not frame his vision around a legion of enemy warriors. That’s not what he’s envisioning. He is old and wise. His surveyor’s tool is an ankh. He could be saying, I have a handle on the light of love. I have love in my sites. Love is the plan and the work.

Don Miguel Ruiz says that the warrior is one who can be touched without it hurting. (This usually comes after forgiveness and accepting yourself just the way you are.) He says that once you no longer have any wounds or poison, you don’t need to lie anymore. He says we must become spiritual warriors and have the discipline, not of a soldier who obeys the outside, but the discipline to be ourselves, no matter what. That’s so Arian! It is spontaneous. It fertilizes and fires up. It quickens and inspires. It starts. It cooks.

I am intrigued by the conjunction of Venus (love), Juno (wife) and Saturn, (Discipline), all in Aquarius, along with Mars (warrior) in a T-square with North Node in Taurus and South Node in Scorpio. Taurus is pleasing yourself and Scorpio is pleasing others. Progress is northward, pleasing yourself, your core, heeding yourself, staying true to yourself. Liz Greene: “Aquarius is group consciousness and the nature of one’s responsibility and contribution.” It evokes Aquarius-Aries for me. Group-mind responsibility. Sometimes we wag a forked tongue, criticism of others in aggrandizement of a separate and superior self. When it comes to public opinion, we all contribute our Taurus substance.


Write at least a paragraph. I am . . . Write a poem or a song or a rap. Or make a picture that expresses your “I am.”

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