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Astrology Readings

Registration Closed for Complimentary Readings

to Hourly or Gig Workers
unable to earn money due to the Corona Virus Pandemic

Email if you are  interested in a reading with one of the astrologers below. Several of the astrologers are offering a discount to Vision Carriers subscribers

Participating Astrologers

Giselle Gastaño
Seattle, Washington

Loda Shaw
Oceanside California

Deborah Singletary
Harlem, New York

Inez Singletary

Los Angeles, California

LiZhen Wang
Oakland, California

Astrologers' Bios

Giselle Castaño is a queer non-binary spiritual astrologer currently based out of Seattle, Washington situated on Duwamish and Suquamish land. Giselle’s love for astrology was passed down from her mother and the astrology books from their childhood home. Giselle has been studying and practicing astrology since 2012.  Giselle loves doing individual birth chart readings, teaching workshops, and sharing astrology at community events. You can follow her work at and on Instagram @astro_for_my_people.


Loda has been involved with the study and teaching of astrology for 30 years. While a student athlete at Ohio University, he became curious about astrology. A 'chance' meeting with an astrologer during spring break in New York City took him from  curiosity to becoming a student in one fell swoop. That fascination with the stellar science has motivated Loda to teach, write, and grow an extensive astrological client list.


Deborah makes her life and living as an artist, astrologer, and interfaith minister Her 40 years’ experience as an astrologer and spiritual counselor informs her we are born to live lives that zing with authenticity and that unwanted conditions can be understood and overcome by one’s point of view and attitude. Follow me: and  Instagram: @visioncarriers

​My delight is to tell the good news in the hard times. I stepped onto the metaphysical path 40 years ago. I became a student of astrology, then Tarot and Qabalah. The student quickly became a teacher who remains a student. I love to infuse seekers with courage and faith. Inez has contributed her Lunations to the Vision Carriers' website since 2006. Follow me at Instagram: inezsingletary2018

Greetings from Asia, where I've been since the coronavirus broke. I am an astrologer and farmer who cares deeply about our relationships to each other, the Earth, and the stars. My special astrological focus is relationships! I work with individuals, couples, and organizations to awaken their purpose. It is my honor to help you in this turbulent time. Follow me at and on Instagram

Giselle Gastaño (PST)





Loda Shaw (PST)






Deborah Singletary (EST)





Inez Singletary (PST)




LiZhen Wang (PST)

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