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Wherever you are on the ladder toward success, whatever your financial situation, Making What Your Means Can't Buy, provides simple, useful and effective strategies—presented in language that is both simple and powerful.

An author who believes that “Life has a non-material basis of support and will

sustain you in a manner that will not fail” brings us a unique and gentle guide

to dealing with money issues that prevent you from finding the life that you

love and want to lead.


Experienced in the school of hard knocks, Inez Singletary knows, “Your job is

to say what it is you want and create for yourself a positive picture. Once you

do that, the picture will do its own work and begin to give you the how.” She

counsels the reader on avoiding pitfalls and mental traps while effectively

visualizing goals—and achievements. Her’s is a warm, down-to-earth voice,

without sham or artifice, a voice the reader can trust. With that voice she

leads readers away from learned helplessness and bad habits and toward control

and empowerment. In this book, she draws deeply on the lessons of

experience and shares stories from the life that has shaped her philosophy

and taught her to trust the abundance of the universe.


Making What Your Means Can't Buy

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