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Wake Up

New Moon | Solar Eclipse | July 2, 2019 | 10 Cancer 38'

“The message is, wake up.” – Eckhart Tolle

Now comes a New Moon and a Solar Eclipse in the sign Cancer, primal, primary, active water. The North Node (the point at which the paths of the Sun and Moon meet to point the way to progress) is in Cancer. Cancer rules the 4th house, the area of home and family and the emotional security, acceptance and support that we expect from a home base.

The New Moon in Cancer conjunct the North Node could be summed up by saying, I follow (North Node) my bliss (Cancer). I follow that which gives me delight and pleasure, happiness and satisfaction. By so doing I am looking on the bright side and accentuating the positive. Then the negative falls away due to lack of attention. If I am defaulting to being enveloped by the things that are problematic without noticing that I am, I fall into the realm of the unconscious, where I respond automatically and not according to what I desire. I might think that negativity is all there is and all I have.

The North Node, the leading, aware, awake, “this way” point, in the sign of Cancer, gives us the opportunity to vibrate our way toward creating change. Have you noticed that in certain crises, you don’t have to ask what to do? You spring into action. The person walking next to you slumps and you reach out for them. The glass picture falls off the shelf in your kitchen and you reach for it before it hits a hard surface and breaks. In other crises, especially the ones that are the future you are hoping to avoid, you look through the looking glass and picture possible catastrophe and wring your hands feeling like you don’t know what to do.

The time for action is not upon you. If you rush off to act, you are likely to make a mess. Don’t try to push for answers about how to make or get money at this time, and don’t compromise your values for money. This is Mars conjunct Mercury conjunct Juno (relationships) square Uranus and Vesta in Taurus. Instead say something like, “That which is mine to do reveals itself to me in a way that I can’t miss it. (Mars, Mercury and Juno trine Chiron in Aries. I faithfully tend the flame of a glorious outcome. This means that you reach for the thoughts that feel best. Contemplate those good-feeling thoughts instead of racing around in fear.

The Sun and Moon sextile Vesta and Uranus. Vesta bids you to focus on that which is central. Uranus bids you to awaken. Focus on waking up about the world you live in, especially as relates to money and resources. Think in terms of having a more conscious understanding of money. Let the thoughts be easy and light. Let them rise rather than chase them.


When you wake up in the morning, treat yourself to long languorous stretches. Try to touch the ceiling, enjoy a few neck rolls, circle your ankles. Move in your body as if you are trying it on for size. Notice if there’s any stiffness or pain and tell your body that you care and are listening. After you have stretched, notice your hands—fingers and palms—without judgment. Crossing your arms, pat yourself on both shoulders. To be awake in the body is a delight. If you forget to stretch in the morning, any time will do.

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