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Real Dreams

Updated: Feb 24

Moving On by Deborah Singletary

Full Moon | February 24, 2024 | 5 Virgo 23’ 

I dream my world. It is as I dream it. I live my dream. Whether I think I can or think I can’t, I am right. The world does not have an existence separate from my dream of it.

 The tone of the Full Moon chart in Pisces suggests we are in our feelings and emotions. Mercury in Pisces thinks by feeling. Sun and Saturn in Pisces might feel things are hard but might also feel disciplined and have a feeling for giving form. Neptune in Pisces represents the dream as a higher calling. It also addresses the dreamer/believer who is not deterred by lack of presentation to the senses. You cannot see the oak tree if you cut open the acorn.


When the dream is real to me, I work toward it. When the dream is real to me, I nurture and tend to it. If I don’t believe the dream, I neglect it. If I neglect the dream, it withers and does not come to realization. In the full Moon chart, the Pisces belief system has intensity and durability. There are real possibilities for some and limitation for others. It is common to think about the reality and the dream as if they were opposite. However, Truth is that reality is on the side of the dream to help the dream manifest.


Humanity's mission is to trade the time-bound life for presence—for being here now instead of dwelling in the past or worrying about the future. When I counsel myself to be here now, it feels unrealistic and maybe even a little crazy. However, I am growing to realize that the guidance feels false only because of the conditioning that has weighed me down my whole life. Does it make sense that if I have a deadline, I should focus on the deadline which means worrying that I won’t make it? No! The future can only be tended to now. If I hope to make the deadline, I must do what today requires and I must do it without a doubting mind.


The Full Moon is a time of fullness, fruition, and completion. “Ill-dignified, Virgo inclines us to be worried or so scared we make ourselves sick. Sickness in mind, body, or spirit handicaps effective work today. Dignified Virgo says, "I got this!" and inclines us to move forward step by step toward the dream.




Be here now. Do what is at hand. Don’t worry about tomorrow. Relax today. If the only thing you can think to do is play, do that. Worry, a default Virgo trait, robs you today without helping your tomorrow.

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