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Possessed of the Right Thing

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Flashing Brilliance Art Card by Ken Wright

Full Moon | Spring Equinox | March 20, 2019 | 0 Libra 9’

What happens when the feelings you have meet the feelings you think you are supposed to have? Thou shalt not feel across the line. Thou shalt not know thyself. Thou shalt obey external authority.

What happens is that you get, wobbly, confused and doubtful of yourself and your own instincts. You got a big problem. You do not trust yourself. Not trusting yourself, you cannot lead yourself to victory.

Have you ever fallen inappropriately in love, perhaps harder and faster than with the appropriate love? What do you do with that if you are trying to do the right thing?

Who is telling you to not eat of the Tree of Contrast? Contrast is the state of being strikingly different from something else in juxtaposition or close association. The right thing is not one-sided, the right thing requires familiarity with the structure and arrangement of the wrong thing.

In order to do the thing (Mars), you must feel the thing (Moon). Otherwise your actions and results will be off kilter. To do the right thing, you must be possessed of the right thing. If your genuine thing is suppressed and unfamiliar, your impulses will be disingenuous, not candid or sincere.

Impulses are the province of Mars and Aries. The Sun in Aries is conjunct Chiron in Aries, and Mars in Taurus is working on their behalf. Mars in Taurus happens to square Venus in Aquarius the same time that the Sun in Aries is opposed by the Moon in Venus-ruled Libra. The other (Libra) mirrors the self (Aries). Full Moons present unavoidable mirrors. If we reject that which is reflected, we tend to break (attack) or break up with, the one who mirrors. Therefore, we see increased fights, accidents, and breakups at the Full Moon. Energies crescendo.

Mars square Venus often produces desires that bring conflict, because what you want can be in sharp contrast to what others demand or need. With Moon in Libra you need to get and to get along. Unruly Mars has an easier relationship with Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn which will tend to pull us toward externally approved authority, even if its time of influence needs to pass. Moon-ruled Cancer wants to be safe, but safety is often perceived as staying within prescribed boundaries, even if they are false and confining.

Mars is also the focal of a yod aspect, where it is being fine-tuned by Jupiter on one hand and the asteroid Pallas-Athene on the other. You weigh what is personally desired with the need to conform to dictates of lawful or proper behavior and with what your conscience dictates with Pallas-Athene where you are called to do right by others even if it means making an adjustment or compromise with what you want for yourself.

The Sun reaches its highest expression in Aries. You want to be spontaneous because you are in touch with both your desires and your contradictions. You want to take yourself in hand and be responsible for directing the course of your life based on what is important to you.


Know thyself. Know for thyself.

Be observant of how you feel at a given time in a given circumstance. Keep it simple at first. Good or Bad? Good is confirmation of your path. Keep going. Bad is an alert. Pay attention. What is the message?

For example, if you say, I feel lonely (bad). What is the message? What is the opposite of lonely? Sociable? Chances are you are thinking your loneliness is not by choice. What if it were a choice? Why did you make choices that ended up with you feeling bad? Obviously that is not what you were going for. You thought your choices would be good and make you happy. What might you choose now?

These are the first steps toward knowing yourself and knowing for yourself. I observe the choices that I made and I observe that I can choose differently. I know this for myself, in myself. I have taken the wheel. Instead of drifting off course, I can guide myself onto another course.

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