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The Worst of Times?

Monday, December 12th, 2016

mami-wataFull  Moon
December 13, 2016
22 Gemini 26’

In some ways this seems like the worst of times. The future president of the United States casts a frightening specter. However,  I am surprised that I am feeling like this is a great time to be alive. I feel as if I am called upon to unfold my spiritual being and rise above the fear that is generating.

This feeling is made possible for me as I am learning to be unconditional in my response to life. I have been practicing this because I have been without a home of my own for almost two years. In order to maintain equilibrium through this unstable condition, I have decided to learn to walk the line between (and above) good and not good.

I do it by calling it all good, whether it seems to be so or not. This means that I know there is a center of things, a Source of things, and I expect nothing but the ultimate best. I may be upset or shocked for a bit, but I avoid letting anything drag me too far from balance.

Turns out that this was good practice for the 2016 election results. Yes. It looks appallingly bad, but instead of reacting in terror, I am acting in faith in a higher power that is with us even when things appear to be at their worst.

To be unconditional in my evaluation of things is to be good, grounded and faithful no matter what.

I cannot have a stable life if I feel good only when conditions are good, and feel bad whenever conditions seem to be bad. Life is like a movie rolling, and I write as the screen plays. The source of life’s energy is the Sun. Sun is reflected by Moon, which is the emotional foundation—personally and collectively. The Moon is the uniting intelligence which brings us together with our life experience.  I think of life as a mirror.

The mirror is inviolate. It cannot be fooled or defiled. It is perfect in organizing the whole life even when it shows me ugly reflections.

Sometimes I say, “Oh no, not the mirror, don’t show me my own face in the mirror!” I am making light of it, teasing myself when the reflection is unpleasant. Unpleasant reflections are the province of the full moon, where one sees that which causes strife because it seems to be against one. I can cast the blame and responsibility, and therefore the power, on the one or ones identified as antagonists.

Learning to be unconditional is moon work. The moon is the emotions. The moon is the most volatile fluctuating planet in our story. The reflection is always changing. I may not understand or like my life, but there are no mistakes.

There is also no mistaking when I am attuned to what I feel. I know whether I am happy or not. It is my responsibility to allow and invite equilibrium, to be okay, and good with life with its high and/or low notes. This means I am in alignment with the All which is One.

This Full Moon chart has a mutable, changeable fiery tone. Sagittarius is the light that shines in the darkness. Hence the preparation for Christmas takes place at this time of year. Christmas lights, if left on during the day, have no charm. At night, the lights warm the heart and lift the soul.  

Sagittarius is the higher mind encompassing religion, higher education, law and politics. It is also confidence, buoyancy and brightness. I cannot be optimistic if my thoughts are not. The Moon in Gemini can be especially reactive to words and ideas. The Moon work is to be selective of seed thoughts and ideas.

Harriet Tubman is my hero, role model and black angel. If Harriet had bought into the slavery into which she was born, she would have never freed herself and many others. She acted as a party of one and as an agent for the many. Therefore, I will act as an agent of one to maintain the freedom that I possess, no matter what the angst or the press. As James Baldwin said to Maya Angelou, “your crown was already bought and paid for.” If you follow my moon walk, I hope that you will maintain your freedom in joy, too.


Watch how words make you feel. If you don’t feel good, adjust your thoughts and responses. Maintain or rekindle positivity, confidence, brightness and enthusiasm.


Artwork: Mami Wata by Laura James