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I Sing in Exaltation

Friday, November 3rd, 2017

Full Moon
November 4, 2017
11 Taurus 59’

IMG_6813I have an inner mediator, an inner voice, an indestructible link to that which is called God or Good. She is as real as nature and her way is natural. Feeling her, I sing in exaltation. This is the Moon in Taurus. She reflects and lifts my self-esteem. If I do not have her, I am subject to the corruptibility that the Sun in Scorpio can represent when I am persuaded that someone has the power of life or death over me. If I am not self-possessed, I cannot hear The Voice, and I am likely to think that I am alone in a wild world. This is how I allow myself to be emotionally manipulated. In weakness and fear, I acquiesce. It will not go well with me if I do not know my own strength.

This is the problem between the girl and the producer. Does the girl know her own worth? Does she know that though she desires (Scorpio) a job, she has not only the goods, she is good and worthy and not for sale? The producer might still advance, but many times her inner light will keep him from even trying it. And if he tries it, she knows how to raise the protective barrier and put him off.

This is played out by the 45th and those he threatens should they not be loyal. And it is played out on the other side of the aisle. And it is or has been played out in your life and mine in countless scenarios between teacher and student, parent and child, boss and employee, even friend and friend. It is played out when someone offers you a business in which you can have riches if you are a little bit deceptive toward the recruits.

If you are seeing a devil, and you hate it for making you do what you would not do, or tying you down and robbing you of your life, your riches, your very pursuit of happiness; congratulations, you are at the first stage of spiritual unfoldment, where you realize that bondage is bullshit.

You are a slave to no one and nothing. Neither are you slaver, sitting threateningly on a perch, mean because you are forced to be mean.

The beast is a farce. You may say, maybe I’ll stand and be fired. Maybe I’ll stand and be excommunicated and branded the beast; but I will have demonstrated for myself and for them, who is the boss of me. If I kiss their ass. I will not like myself. And if I do not like myself, I cannot name my price. What good is it for me to gain the world and lose my soul?

Soul may be represented by Scorpio. Soul is immortal and in death you are reacquainted with it. If you know Soul while you live, you shall not live in fear.


  • Activate your inner hearing by listening. Suspend your rock throwing and name calling so that you can hear.  Taurus relates to inner hearing. Your inner mediating guidance is not pro you, it is pro-truth. It mediates. The Beast grew when your inner hearing faded. The beast of fear reigns in your psyche when you are deaf to your inner mediating guidance.  
  • If you hear nothing, do nothing, but listen.
  • Above all, to thine own self be true. Honor what you hear when you speak or act.

Deborah Singletary sings in a concert titled No Man Can-a Hinder Thee. Fredrick Keith, Photographer