About Inez Singletary

Inez Singletary has been an astrologer and a change agent for thirty years. She helps people cross bridges from chaos to stability. She came to astrology and tarot at almost the same time. She considers them her gold and silver keys. With tarot she learned practical occultism and Qabalah, intensely training in the mysteries. These augment the natural wisdom she has always seemed to have. When she was a child, the older ones said, “She’s been here before.” Or, “She’s old.” Inez has written meditations and interpretations on the new and full moons for almost 20 years. They have appeared in Aspects magazine as well as her own Many Moons newsletter. She has great confidence in astrology as a reflecting medium allowing a glimpse of universal order amidst life’s seeming chaos.

Inez also teaches astrology and tarot with the aim of facilitating the making of people who will foster the stronger ties that make the new social order. She often includes the teaching of crafts as a way of making lessons into “first manifestation” as well as bringing creators into the hum and flow of channeling the One.

Inez says that she intends to teach and use astrology for peace, calling the art “an inner compass to negotiate the world without.”

In 2008, Vision Carriers Press published Inez Singletary’s first book, Making What Your Means Can’t Buy. More information and book orders on this site.

Inez Singletary’s Lunations are now featured on her sister Deborah’s website, Vision Carriers. Look for new Lunations here on the full or new moon.