Quality of Life

New Moon
December 17, 2017
26 Sagittarius 31’

Dec13$01We must live our lives congruent with our consciousness, a matter of utmost simplicity, costing not less than everything.” – T. S. Elliot

If I follow my conscience, will it cost me something I want? If I defend the girl who is being bullied, will they then hurl insults at me? If I stand up for what I believe in, will I become the object of attack? If I shun his advances, will my career suffer? If I refuse to go along, will I no longer belong?  If I do not lead the child into the gas, will I be led to the firing squad? If I walk the road with my head held high, will it wind up in a noose?

For the majority, most situations do not lead to life or death, however, does raise the issue of quality of life. When we repeatedly compromise our values, and look the other way, chaos ensues and we lose our inner guiding system. We might get some or a lot of what we want, but one compromise leads to another and another, until we are living a compromised existence.

We have five planets in zealous Sagittarius. We are fervent and ardent. However, are we also courageous? Jupiter, planet of expansion, beneficence, religion, law and teaching is working for the Sagittarius sector, which it rules, from the 11th house, where we move beyond conformity and fear and express our best self. Jupiter in Scorpio has brought the regular and flagrant abuse of power into our awareness for us to face.

The keywords for Sagittarius are, “I perceive.” Keeping your eye on the prize pierces the veils of ignorance and obstruction.

Leo is on the ninth house cusp when Sagittarius is on the ascendant. This suggests that religion, morality and even law are ultimately personal matters that come under the auspices of our will to create the life we want to live.

This is the truth that I accept for myself: If I am going to find safety in a confusing world, I must be able to hear and follow my inner guiding voice. I am calling this voice your conscience. It does not always speak to you in words, but its vibration is unmistakable, unless you ignore it.


Reflect on this counsel from Deborah Singletary in "Enrage to Outrage to Courage" to help ensure that your vital, enthusiastic and unique force is worth acknowledging and staying in touch with.

“Although I had conspired to keep the vital, enthusiastic, unique force within me hidden as inappropriate, troublesome, demanding, and bad, I learned that the rage child is, in actuality, the source of my joy, and the source of my power. She is the source of everything authentic and wise within me. She is a spirit guide whose counsel is unadulterated and pure.

To out the Rage Child, I created several images of her and at significant crossroads, I ask the rage child to speak to me. Her very first counsel to me was:

I am old, I am ancient. You were born with me full and intact. Your power scares people who are out of touch with their own power and they project what they are afraid of onto you. You want to be loved and compromise your true self by acting as if you are not powerful and minimize your gifts. You are called to heal yourself and others. All illness is inverted, subverted power.

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2 Responses to “Quality of Life”

  1. Carol Foy says:

    Your reading speaks directly me. It is so affirming to hear what I feel so eloquently written. The Rage Child is magnificent!

  2. Inez says:

    Happy, happy, happy to hear this!