It’s Me

Full Moon
December 3, 2017
11 Gemini 40’

There are four number 11’s in this Full Moon chart, including the Sun at 11 Sagittarius 40’ and the Moon at 11 Gemini 40’—both squaring Neptune at 11 Pisces 30’, Jupiter at 11 Scorpio 27’ is the only sign not on the thinking-storytelling cross. Scorpio is a water sign, therefore emotional, not logical. Scorpio blends with Pisces and calls for adjustment and refinement with Gemini. The emotions, though they flow together, each make a hard aspect to the arena of ideas.

The number 11 signifies the mirror image. When I look in the mirror, there is only me. I am reflected. My life is reflected.

When I turn from the mirror into my environment, I am still looking in the mirror. People mirror me. They mirror “one.” I am one.  Life mirrors me.

One is more than just me. Therefore, I live the impersonal life, that knows itself to be not alone and not pitted against or more important than any other, including those I think are the scum of the earth.

On Thanksgiving Day, I watched a few episodes of the “Tracey Ullman Show” which originates in Britain. When they did a sketch about gentrification, I took notice that displacement of lower-income people by middle-class or affluent people is not a uniquely American issue. My automatic feeling was vulnerable. The poor should not be displaced!

Scorpio is where you feel what you always felt, and react the way you always have. Scorpio is where we are each locked into a money cast of our own and social making, whether high or low and the mindset that goes with it. This Moon in Gemini, reflecting the Sun in Sagittarius calls for an adjustment of our feelings about wealth and poverty as it plays in our own lives.

For a minute, I became fearful for all the marginalized people who are always in danger of narrower margins. This includes the so-called middle class who are finding it more and more difficult to live affordably. Most important, I feared for myself.

Then I thought, “How would I think about this if I didn’t expect a limited future income?

Jupiter represents growth and the pairs of opposites, wealth or poverty. We get a hint that wealth or poverty is mental, by the rulership of Sagittarius, sign of the higher, perceptive mind. It is no leap to consider that someone who accepts the limits of financial hardship does not have the gas turned up on her flame.



  • Watch your automatic thoughts. (Moon in Gemini). Listen to your speech, whether thought or spoken. See if you have yourself in a limited box regarding your desires. “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right,” says Henry Ford.
  • Turn up your wealth flame by being enthusiastic and optimistic about your life. Heighten your expectations by heightening your appreciation of that which is. To appreciate is to increase in value (Sun in Sagittarius). Note the connection between your thoughts (Gemini) and your feelings about others’ power (Scorpio).
  • Use affirmation's such as Louise Hay’s “My income is constantly increasing.” Don’t just prattle it, let it influence your thoughts and feelings about money.

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