Nothing without a Woman or a Girl

New Moon
November 18, 2017
26 Scorpio 19’

embracing change.jpg 2How about some new news? Empowering news? Some deliverers of the news who I might consider are “on my side,” are telling me I’m screwed and that the sky is falling. They eagerly point out the evil ways of evil men but offering no solutions.

I long for good news. I long for news about the new order of the ages. But as Jesus said, “The kingdom of God cometh not with observation. Neither shall they say, Lo here! Or lo, there! For behold. The kingdom of God is within you.” Luke 17:20-21.

If I want empowering news, I have to hear it ringing within. If I want empowering news, I had better meditate in morning silence that I might be up as I go forth into the world.

The sign Scorpio is about trust, among other things. The Scorpio field, being Mars and Pluto ruled, is often the area of injury and abuse. If we see ourselves with less power, we naturally have more fear and distrust.

I choose to trust life, to be at home, even in foreign climes. My vibration grants me passage. Vibrations are feelings and feelings are Scorpio. Trusting life, I radiate light and magnetize love. I trust life even in the face of death and taxes and the need to thrive and survive.

Some say the sky is falling. Still, I trust life. I keep my inner eye upon the prize. Plutonian power can be ascribed only to those deemed rich and powerful, or it can be ascribed to the omnipotent power which always shows a way to safety and happy.

News depends upon a certain level of strife, and it appeals to the level that is easily agitated. Storms and floods and fires reflect the emotional collective psychology. The reports tell us that the waters are unsafe. What is one woman to do?

In light of the tax bill being voted on, this New Moon highlights those who appear to be in control—the small group of people, sometimes referred to as the 1% and the elected officials who appear to be beholden to them. It also throws a spotlight on those who prey on women and girls and deign to do it with impunity.

In this instance, women or girls are symbolic of all who overlooked, discounted, and fly steadily and stealthily under the radar. As brother James Brown sings, "[life] wouldn’t be nothing without a woman or a girl.”

One who is aligned is more powerful than ten thousand who are not.


Be aligned. Trust the One. Think and feel that the universe is friendly to your plans and that things are working out for you. Stand up straight. Breathe deeply, easily and rhythmically. Be not afraid. If some news or event makes your energy whoosh, pause and breathe for peace. The world is nothing without you. Don’t abandon it, fear it or run from it.

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