The Order Underlying Chaos

New Moon
October 19, 2017
26 Libra 35’

Collaboration-smallPoised and fearless, I lay my cards upon the table, revealing my hand and hiding nothing. This is the ideal in relating (Libra's domain) and relating is communicating. Libra, an air sign,  is of the mind, thought, and speech. However, Libra's instrument is Venus (creative imagination,) not Mercury (intellect). In Libra, the Sun shines on one-on-one encounters—especially those with whom we are closest in proximity and interaction.

How am I getting along? Who is getting the credit for how it is going? Is it me? Is it you? Here’s what Libra reveals to me. I am the one who animates my being.
No one but me thinks inside my head, feels inside my body, and chooses my activity and response. If I am acknowledging and appreciating the other, good. If I am blaming the other, no matter how justified I think I am, my scales are out of balance. I need objectivity. I need detachment and neutrality to reach a state where fairness is perceived.

“I am,” is our Aries part. The planet Uranus is moving through Aries now. Uranus in Aries represents the harsh rhetoric that abounds offensively and defensively. Uranus is omniscient mind and we are a focal point of that omniscience, but do not control it. In extreme lack of control, we get crazy—Uranus when it’s unskillful.

Uranus is The Awakener. Sometimes the awakening is rude or harsh. In Tarot, Aries is represented by Key 4, the Emperor—he who sets in order. In the absence of order, there is chaos. The order of Aries is represented as Reason. When Aries is dysfunctional, it is irrational and unapproachable because of its fiery nature.

Oh, happy day when I heard that the order of the Universe is Order. It was the first day of Tarot class. I had barely heard of Tarot; in fact, I thought I was joining an astrology class. Out of the mouth of this gorgeous Nordic man with great white teeth that smiled generously seductively through no fault of his own, came, “There is order in the universe. No matter how chaotic and crazy it might look at any given time, there is always an underlying order.”

No matter what it looks like, there is order in the universe. This has been my anchor through all the days that followed, even and maybe especially, my toughest ones. I may not like my circumstances one bit. The circumstances can baffle me and vex me, but I know they have come to bring me good–only and always good. One day, I will not only understand but become adept at handling such circumstances.

The presentation of this New Moon, with Sun and Moon in opposition to Uranus in Aries, is for us to awaken and renew our ability to relate, collaborate and negotiate, even in the presence of the rude, raw, and the ridiculous.

Relating is Libra, the 7th sign and the first sign of the objective hemisphere. Though it is of the air and mental, it is ruled by Venus, creative imagination. In some sense, we make up all our relations. One of the deadliest things that we make up, is a seat of power that is outside ourselves. The producer is a good archetype for a seat of power. He symbolizes power outside ourselves and the remembered and repeated habits of thinking that give him that power. I often think of life as a movie. Who is the producer of your movie?

Consider for example the power the so-called 99% yield to the 1%. If 99% can’t stand up to 1%, what is really going on? What kind of sleep are we walking? This imbalance of power must be false.


Do not imagine, think or speak in a way that reinforces the notion that one’s riches are being held hostage. Jupiter is now in Scorpio, the sign that represents desire, and resources that I either share with or are in the jurisdiction of others. Jupiter is wealth or poverty. Jupiter expands or inflates things that we want as well as what we don’t want. Jupiter, sovereign in both Sagittarius and Pisces, expands, extends and elaborates according to our philosophy and belief.  Is Jupiter in your Scorpio house emphasizing wealth or poverty? Shall you increase or decrease? How do your feelings empower others and yourself?


Artwork: Collaboration is an illustration of Deborah (in New York City) and Inez (in Los Angeles, California) working together over the phone.

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