If Dreams Die

Full Moon
September 6, 2017
13 Pisces 53’

“Hold fast to dreams, because if dreams die,stellah
life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.”
– Langston Hughes

Teacher: “Your boy been at school being a smart aleck. Tell your father what you wrote on your paper.”

Boy: “I said I want to be on TV.”

Steve Harvey’s father couldn’t quite see what was wrong with that and argued a little about it with the teacher. She countered that he was a smart aleck for “putting something so unbelievable on paper.”

She criticized his aspirations and dreams. This made me think of the mutable T-cross for this Full Moon where the Sun and the Moon oppose each other and square Saturn in Sagittarius: Criticize (Virgo), aspirations (Sagittarius), dreams (Pisces). Unsure of the spelling of aleck, I looked up the term, and got a little better idea of the teacher’s ire, at least in terms of what it meant for her. A smart aleck is defined as an “obnoxiously conceited and self-assertive person with pretensions to smartness or cleverness.”

Steve’s father told him to put on the paper what the teacher wanted and to keep his paper for himself and read it every morning and every night. Steve now has a remarkable six television shows and while this teacher was alive, he sent her a new television every Christmas.

How do you stand in relation to your dreams and aspirations? Saturn in Sagittarius can inhibit your growth, especially if you are sensitive to other people’s expectations and you don’t want to be accused of being “too big for your own britches.” It can also work in the way of you feeling that you are not enough, that others are smarter, luckier and better.

Saturn in Sagittarius can also get you to focus on your aspirations, which is what Steve’s father (Saturn) told him to do. By the way, Steve Harvey has just finished his second Saturn return. He has Saturn in Sagittarius.

The Sun is in Virgo and not only are we sensitive to the criticisms of others, we might be highly self-critical too. The message of the Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune in Pisces is to let go and be easy with yourself. Neptune can be the “X” factor, the unknown quantity, the subtle something that makes a difference.

The problem with the Sun in Virgo might be in working only with what you’ve got, what you know and what is tangible. To improve (Virgo) and grow (Sagittarius), make room for the unknown (Pisces). If you can’t fathom it, don’t try to fashion it or form it. Suspend it. Put it on hold. Don’t crush it with doubt or let it wash away as a pipe dream. Quiet your mind. Keep it, but don’t think about. Let the way show itself to you. “Our notions of the ways in which good is coming to us frequently fall short of being adequate anticipations of the blessings ahead.” Paul Foster Case


Focus on your aspirations. Concentrate on your growth. Be serious about your objectives. Be wary of Self-criticism or perceived criticisms from others.


Artwork: Stellah by Starlight by Ken Wright


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