Evolution is the Revolution

New Moon
Solar Eclipse
August 21, 2017
28 Leo 53’

solar eclipseIf others are to be lifted, they need to see your beacon.

Your life is composed of light. In Astrology, this light is represented by the Sun and Moon. Since you are evolving, the Moon is the light that chapters and verses the Sun light so that you can become more conscious, more able, more magic, more master. You act out your life in stages. We call these stages the Moon’s phases. In these lunations we focus upon the New and Full Moons. Life is not just about going through the motions. Life is about growth.

We not only have a New Moon, but a Solar Eclipse. The paths of the Sun and Moon are so close that the Moon, its dark side facing the earth, seems to blot out the Sun. Eclipses make us nervous. Anything that involves darkness makes us nervous and eclipses have proven to be intense and pivotal.

Head’s up!

The Sun, Moon and Mars are conjunct the North Node, known as the Dragon’s head. The head takes the lead and the North Node in Leo emphasizes personal creative self-expression. This New Moon Solar Eclipse chart also has an Aries tone, and Aries is the sign of initiative and quickening. Mars rules Aries, so energy abounds. A predominance of Aries energy can make us anything from assertive to aggressive to destructive. Aries is also the sign of the Sun’s exaltation, so individual responsibility is paramount.

When Jupiter Aligns with Mars

In the Solar Eclipse chart Mars and Jupiter are in a harmonious relationship called a sextile. Mars is conflict, war and strife. Jupiter is politics, religion and law. Mars is 20 degrees of Leo and is conjunct the Sun and Moon at 28 degrees of Leo. So, the Sun and Moon partake of Martian energy. You can say everybody’s stirred up. Some are mad. Some are motivated. It is time to change. Jupiter is in Libra, the Venus ruled sign of balance, justice and relatedness.

Be open to activating the Mars in Aries sextile Jupiter in Libra. Put your energy into beneficent relationships. Insist on being your best self and rising above pettiness and bitterness. You can control your vibrational output through focus. What’s your vibe? When you control your vibrational output, you also control what come into you in terms of a realized life.

The North Node at 24 degrees of Leo shows the way. The keywords of Leo are “I will.” Who will take responsibility? I will. Who will let their light shine? I will. Who will dare and be strong and brave? I will.

In accordance with the South Node in Aquarius, the group sign, do not wait for or depend upon others. Refrain from demanding that others change.

Waiting on the World to Change?

I like the John Mayer song that says, “We keep waiting on the world to change.” I resonate with its plaintive vibe, but I know it’s message is off. You don’t wait for the world to change, and you don’t make the world change.  You be the change because you have the power to change only you.


Demanding Others Change is the Old Paradigm . . .

and it does not work. When there are bad guys and I’m a good guy, it seems obvious that the bad guys must stop it. But when did you ever successfully make someone, even someone who loved you, change to suit you? Consider that what you want from others reflects your needs. How you can get your own needs met and/or how does your needs reflect your vision for your life. Ask yourself, “What can I do?” Pointing to other’s mistakes actually diminishes your dominion. Take a step in the direction of what you want. No step is too small or big.

2 Responses to “Evolution is the Revolution”

    "Demanding Others Change is the Old Paradigm . . .and it does not work."
    I agree – the only thing we can change is ourselves.  In the words of the great mystic poet Rumi: “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

    Our power is within.  Focussing on "changing" others takes us right away from the the vast power that is available to one within any moment.


    Thank you for your continued stellar body of work!

  2. Noticed this as I was working on the upcoming Full Moon lunation. Thank you for your energizing and nurturing feedback.