All the Rage

Full Moon
August 7, 2017
15 Aquarius 25’

by Shiloh Sophia McCloud.Am I good? (Sun in Leo) Am I free? (Moon in Aquarius)

I tend to think of Leo as strong and esteemed. "Am I good?" does not seem like a question that strong Leo would ask. However, Leo follows and is connected to vulnerable Cancer with her moods, phases and feelings.  Leo is followed by and connected to Virgo, where adjustments are made.

None of the signs exist or operate alone. Leo (individuality) is opposed by Aquarius (the collective). In Leo, it is important to be true and authentic without need of approval from others or reliance on a group.

Just before the New Moon in Leo, I re-familiarized myself with Dr. John Sarno's Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection. I read this book in the early 90’s when I was a chronic back-pain sufferer. At that time, just reading and thinking about the postulations in the book took away my pain. Dr. Sarno wrote that back pain was “putting ourselves under pressure to be perfect and good.” He said that “we create this pain so as not to deal with feelings, especially rage.” This is interesting as Mars is in Leo conjunct the Sun at this Full Moon, and Mars relates to pain–and rage which reminds me of a documentary about the work of Dr. Sarno is entitled, All the Rage. In the Sun-on-ascendant chart of the Full Moon, Mars appears in the 12th, behind the scenes, which gives us the strong possibility of feeling both rage and resentment forcefully, however, trying to keep it under wraps.

Sun conjunct Mars does not have to be rage. It can also represent that you are willing to hold fast to your authenticity even if you are alone or unable to demonstrate it outwardly.

Astrologers say that Aquarius represents freedom, while at the same time it represents the ideals of friendship and alliance. Ideally our friends love us as we are and so we feel free to be ourselves with them.  

We not only have a Full Moon in Aquarius, we have an eclipse of the Moon, which means that the Moon is close to one of the Nodes, the points 180 degrees apart where the path of the Moon crosses the ecliptic, the zodiacal band of constellations which the planets move through. “When the New and Full Moons happen near the Moon’s Nodes, eclipses happen. That is because the earth, Sun and Moon are lined up so precisely that a shadow is cast.” – Molly Gauthier

Eclipses are pivotal points that seem to have messages for us when we have powerful experiences under their influences. This eclipse, though in fixed signs, has an Aries tone. The trick is to be able to express yourself truthfully and forcefully, though perhaps with composure.

We have certainly been dealing with “all the rage” when it comes to politics and the will-to-good. In a conflict, both sides tend to think they are right and that their anger is justified. Sun and Mars are in the Sagittarius decan, meaning that Jupiter is an important player in our drama. Sun and Mars are sextile Jupiter in Libra in the third house of this chart. This is a call for optimism and fair-mindedness as Libra calls for Justice and balance. It is also a call for clear-mindedness, without which we cannot demonstrate understanding.


Know thyself and be willing to be authentic even when you suspect your truth and authenticity will create waves. With Mars in the 12th, it might be less about putting it on the table  and more about acknowledging it for yourself. If you are confident about your point of view, it is less important that others believe as you do.

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