Your Super Power

New Moon
July 23, 2017
0 Leo 44’

davona by Aubert Bastiat__smaller file“My back hurts,” was his answer to my asking how he was doing. “When people ask me how I’m doing, I tell the truth,” he said. That prompted me to tell him about a book I read years ago when I was having chronic low back pain. It was called Healing Back Pain by Dr. John E. Sarno, and just reading the book made the pain go away, never to return like that again.

The reason that I mention this book for the New Moon is that Leo rules the back and spine, as well as the heart. I poked around YouTube and Google a bit to reacquaint myself with Dr. Sarno and was reminded that he found a mind-body connection to back painthat the root of back pain was the pressure to be perfect and good! Good makes me think of Leo, where one takes pride.

Leo could be called the be your best self area. The Sun rules Leo and the Sun in the chart identifies the self, the individual. In astrology, we say that the Sun rules your sense of purpose, that the symbol of the circle with the dot at the center represents the target you have come to hit, the self at the center, the heart of the matter, the central ego.

The transiting Sun represents lighting the way, illuminating each stage of the journey and each step along the “yellow brick” road. Yellow brick is a reference to gold, the element ruled by the Sun.

In the Tarot Key 8, Strength is assigned to Leo.  When I look at the image of a woman dressed in white who has her hands in the mouth of a ferocious-looking red lion, I see the strength that we have all been given, but that few of us realize we have. I see a super power, the power to articulate, formulate, and let it be.

The Sun and the Moon conjunct at 0 degrees of Leo for this New Moon. This is a new beginning at the earliest degree. “I will and I want” are the significators of the Leo sign. “I will” is like a promise or a vow. In some rituals, the fire of Leo represents consecration or dedication. It is devotion and commitment. It is a statement of intent to hold firm to task or purpose. Leo is the area of your life where you commit to make the most of yourself, to be your best self, and to make and keep contact with the heart that beats the rhythm of your life.

Leo is heart and light and lightness and laughter. It is Sun and fun. It is sovereign, self-governing, self-determining, and supreme.  It is peerless, matchless, and excellent. The North Node is 24 degrees of Leo. The North Node in Leo asks us to let light be the pointer and love be the power and the way. Leo rules the 5th house in astrology, the house of love and children, as well as the house of risk and creation. Mercury, symbolizing mind, is also in Leo conjunct the North Node and may have a message for us about the use of will and the power of consecrated willingness. I will give this life my all. I will let my little light shine and my moon beam. I am going to give life the bright, the grin, the ray of light that shows the way.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in two weeks will be with the Sun at 15, Leo, halfway through the Sign, and the next New Moon will be in Leo again, this time at 28 degrees Leo. We have beginning, middle and end lunations in Leo, making this a great period for us to shore up, brighten and engage this Sun in Leo period for ourselves.


Our challenge is to be bright and light without stirring up over-achiever mode and giving ourselves backaches or heart trouble. Being is more important than doing. Know that you are light. Imagine yourself carrying your light wherever you go. Don’t force demonstration or take notice of being noticed. Just be.

The above photo of our niece, Davana May, was taken by Aubert Bastiat

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