Resource Disguised as Refuse

Full Moon
July 8, 2017 PDT
July 9, 2017 EDT
17 Capricorn 10’

Muhammad Ali Under WaterHumans self-punish. We get caught up in our flaws. We have it upside down and screwy. We often accentuate the negative, giving little credit to the bulk that we get right. That credit is not withdrawn and becomes unused. It is resource disguised as refuse. We don’t have much fun and we don’t think we should. We are emotional about our errors or failings, meaning they are constituted of feelings and not necessarily words. We condemn ourselves by wordless thoughts. We cringe and cower and don’t dare. We have the urge to take the stage, but remain behind the curtain.  

How do we take care of ourselves in our non-performance? Are we tender toward ourselves? Do we say, think or feel the essence of, “It’s okay. You did not want to risk getting it wrong, so you withheld it. You did not express it. You did not offer your steady burning light. You kept it. If you don’t risk, you don’t live. Risk next time, okay? Step out there. I promise you will not die. The freeness of the flight will be worth the risk of the falter. It’s not over. There is always another step possible. Believe. Do not condemn or write yourself off.”
We talk to ourselves more than we talk to any other human. Speech is Cancer, the unspoken speech of thought and feelings. Cancer is Moon ruled, therefore habitual and repetitive. Words are not necessary. Our feelings govern. Our feelings command wordlessly. Feelings follow thoughts. Feelings flow on and on.

Cancer is the first of the three water signs. Cancer is nurturance. The vibration of your inner speech must nurture self and encourage self, and coax and call self forward.

Feelings are also psychological. They are mental-emotional.  (For where does Gemini end and Cancer begin)?  It matters how you talk to yourself. Coax yourself forward with words of reinforcement and you will engage your courage in Leo. When Cancer is first, Leo is self-worth. If you do not speak encouraging words, your Leo house or sector, where you are to create risk and dare, will not have use of its full strength and in the next house, Virgo, your body of work will be weak.

With good feelings you don’t feel messed up that you messed up and you are able to go on to better things.

You can tell something about your personal strength by the degree to which you feel polarized right now. Vitriolic hatred toward anything (Moon-Pluto), even that which is bad, is a sign that you are at odds with yourself, particularly with your own power to create your own reality and not live in one which has been imposed upon you.  This is Moon is Capricorn, the outer, cemented world in flux, conjunct Pluto, power. Individually and collectively, we create the powers that be and then fight them. It will help us now to take responsibility for having made the world, and thereby having the power to remake it by self-adjustment. You don’t have to wait for anyone or anything to change. You don’t have to wait for the passage of any law, you oversee your own healthy living.


Please yourself. Be pleased with yourself. Make what you want count more. What tastes good to you? Have some. Dream more. Imagine more. Take a flight of fancy. Don’t hold yourself to being accurate and realistic. Have some fun. It won’t hurt you.

Pay less attention to what you think you can’t do and more attention to doing what you can. To be your best, you must be “in” spired—radiating from within—on, not off or sputtering. Stoke your inner fire by heartening, reassuring and uplifting words. Let your words turn into feelings. Note that your feelings are your vibrations and your vibrations are your asking, attuning place. Your vibrations are your readiness to receive and your readiness to be an instrument or vehicle.

Photo of Muhammad Ali by Flip Schulke

2 Responses to “Resource Disguised as Refuse”

  1. Carol Foy says:

    This phase is very true my moon status.
    I will pay close attention to my thoughts.
    Thank your Inez✌

  2. Inez says:

    Thank you Carol. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.