Know for Yourself

The travelerNew Moon
June 23, 2017
2 Cancer 47’

Perhaps we can attribute the expression, “Know thyself” to Aries. To Cancer we can ascribe, “Know for thyself.” Know the truth as it resides within. Know with unshakable conviction. When you do not know for yourself, your link is weakened and you may be easily spooked, intimidated, alienated, disillusioned and therefore defeated.

The Moon rules Cancer. A new moon is calling for a new mood. We certainly can use a new mood for the United States whose birthday  is when the Sun is in Cancer. This New Moon conjuncts our country’s Venus in Cancer. Venus loves and creates. Cancer cares in a familial way. Cancer is inclusive and protective. Remember that Cancer on the wheel is carried into Leo. We have mood and we have will. In other words, we have response and determination. Under the Moon we reflect, remember and repeat. This is fine as long as we are cool with what we are repeating. If we don’t like what we are getting, we can invoke the will and willingness to make it different.

Cancer is the first water sign in astrology and it is the second cardinal, principle or pivotal sign. Cancer is the sign that heralds the summer solstice when the Sun is hotter. It relates to home and family, and by extension, emotional safety and security. It also relates to homeland. Your home and family are your hot house, your incubator for your earliest shaping.

Under our parents we have experiences around obedience. Our parents are our Sun and Moon. Yet we are Sun and Moon too and therefore are ultimately responsible for our individuation. Progressive teachers of the spiritual arts and sciences don’t want obedient students. They want knowing students. They will tell you that they do not require or desire that you take them at their word. You don’t know if you don’t know for yourself. If you believe because you are persuaded, coerced and forced, then belief has no root in you. While something may ring true, it is more useful to you when you know that it is true and you can use it to navigate your life with predictable results.

You need your feelings to connect with your inner, personal, special, tailored guidance. If someone says trust me and viscerally, you don’t feel trust, follow your feelings. Also, the more balanced, poised, and loving your feelings, the more effective and satisfying is the life that you create. Cancer is Key 7 in Tarot and 7 is the number meaning victory, safety, security and the like. Feel like a winner at the beginning of any enterprise or as soon as you can muster it.

I postulate that Cancer, feeling, may be called the sixth sense of intuition or inner tuition, because Aries is seeing, Taurus is hearing, Gemini is smelling or discerning, Leo is tasting and Virgo is touching. Feeling is an amalgamation of the senses, and a link between the first three senses corresponding to the first three signs, and the last two senses, represented by the 5th and 6th signs. Therefore, sensations and feeling are covered by the first 6 signs, the lower hemisphere of the natural zodiac. “Feel” is defined as “to be aware of through touching or being touched,” and “experience.” Touch is the basis for each of the senses. Seeing is light touching the retina, hearing is vibration touching the eardrums, smelling is molecules touching the olfactory nerves. Food touching the taste buds provides flavor information.

Therefore, the ability to learn and discern from our feelings, is to use our feelings to receive the guidance, direction and comfort of the Higher Self. Only you have access to your feelings and the information they bring. All too often we are disconnected from ourselves because of our responses to life. Getting realigned is a process, but it starts with knowing yourself that you may know for yourself.


How do you feel? Are you in there, inhabiting your feelings and directing your being toward winning? How does your day begin? Your mood is your mode of delivering your day. You may be cranky, angry, sad or depressed. What say you of possibility and how is this linked to your mood, your Moon? See if modifying your mood, even a little, makes a difference. If you have a disappointment, don’t dive into it, drink it or bathe in it. Let it wash through you and invite something better. Before you have that meeting or that talk, take stock of your feelings. If you are not light, lighten up. Breathe. Pick your chest up. Smile. Expect the best.


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